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2020 Delaware Primaries FAQ #MyMuslimVote

Primary elections in Delaware are on Tuesday, July 7th. COVID-19 makes this election unique and there a number of new regulations voters should watch out for. For example, every voter in DE received a mail-in-ballot and they are encouraged to use this option. See below. In this guide, we provide answers to some frequently asked questions.

To Our Friends and Supporters

Even in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, I would like you to know that staff and officers of CAIR are constantly working to find new and improved ways of serving the American Muslim community of the Greater Delaware with innovative programs, such as our virtual town hall meetings, and our educational webinars. Internally, CAIR-Philadelphia is changing as well, most notably with the stepping down of our longtime Chapter President Osama Al-Qasem after 8 years at the helm.

Tonight: Virtual Town Hall for Meaningful Action

Tonight, Monday, June 8, at 7:00 pm, marking two weeks after the murder of George Floyd, we will come together in a virtual town hall to listen to activists on the front lines of criminal justice, police accountability, and anti-racism work. Interfaith leaders will share their perspectives and will build community in the face of the difficult task that awaits us all: to take meaningful action against anti-Black racism.

2020 Primaries FAQ

Primary elections in Pennsylvania are on Tuesday, June 2nd. COVID-19 makes this election unique and there a number of new regulations voters should watch out for. We provide answers to these questions.

What You Should Know About Trump’s Latest Immigration Ban

Last night, the Trump administration issued a Proclamation expanding immigration restrictions in a broad attempt to further its xenophobic agenda while distracting Americans from its own failure to adequately respond to the coronavirus pandemic. This Proclamation builds on a number of anti-immigrant policies put forward by the administration in the last several years by closing off almost all legal pathways to immigration.
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CAIR-Philadelphia would like to thank…

CAIR-Philadelphia would like to thank all the healthcare workers, first responders, postal workers, janitors, store clerks and all others who are on the front lines at this precarious time serving their fellow human beings. May Allah reward them and keep them safe. “And if anyone saved a single life, it would be as if they had saved the whole world.” [5:32]
CAIR-Philadelphia COVID-19 Community Updates

CAIR-Philadelphia’s Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

Responding to the unprecedented dual challenge of both the coronavirus and the necessity of keeping the American Muslim community informed and socially involved during this time of social distancing, CAIR-Philadelphia has begun to present a series of online educational and community empowerment programs to the community.