Muslim Youth Leadership Program

If you’re in middle or high school, chances are at some point you had to break down the meaning of Islam to your friends or explain how Islam is against terrorism to your classmates. With media saturated with negative images of Muslims and Islam, CAIR-Philadelphia designed a program to provide you with the platform to discuss civil rights and community issues that arise in your daily life.

What Is the Muslim Youth Leadership Program (MYLP)?

The MYLP encourages youth (ages 12-18) to be proud of their Muslim identity and it promotes civic engagement and activism.

Workshops and conferences focus on:

  • Understanding American Muslim History
  • Building a Positive American Muslim Identity
  • Civic and Political Engagement
  • Standing Up Against Bullying and Harassment
  • Learning about the Civil Rights Movement
  • Understanding and Working With People of Other Faiths
  • Media Literacy and Advocacy

CAIR-Philadelphia also offers an adult version of the workshop, where parents and other guardians learn:

  • What legal rights do children have in schools
  • What to tell children about how to respond to bullying, including cyberbullying
  • What to do when a child tells them about bullying
  • Why to take bullying seriously and reasons to avoid the “kids will be kids” mentality
  • How to encourage children to empower and educate themselves

The workshops are customizable in length and content for specific audiences.

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