Community Advocates

We share a responsibility for our American democracy. Before God the Most Just, and with love for our human family, we have a duty to defend each other’s rights and advance what is good for all of us.

United, and in solidarity with our allies of shared truth and virtues, our community can be a very influential political force. It is vital we accept God’s blessings and grow our potential by organizing together and advocating for the greater good.

That’s why we are launching CAIR-PA Community Advocates, an initiative to unite Muslims around the region, show our brothers and sisters ways to harness grassroots potential in our communities, and advocate for rights and justice alongside our allies.

Please check back for resources as we develop this page and program.

We encourage you to play an active role at civic actions and in advocacy over email, phone, or in person on Capitol Day. We’ll let you know about actions, small group trainings, petitions, and opportunities to be a voice of betterment. Stay involved!

Here is what you can do right now:

  • Sign up to our mailing list and advocacy list.
  • Respond to our Action Alerts.
  • Visit to track your officials’ voting records.
  • Download the app “5 calls” on your smartphone (Apple or Android) and call Congress 5 times a day.
  • Connect with CAIR on Twitter & Facebook.
  • Build contact lists of everyone in your community.
  • Keep up with the news from a variety of sources.

Let us keep growing our voices for the community.