Youth Leadership

A better American Muslim experience requires the promise of a better future. CAIR-Philadelphia works with and invests in youth of all ages to provide them with the tools to become the leaders of tomorrow. Through its diverse set of programs and trainings, CAIR-Philadelphia foregrounds agency of youth in creating positive change.

Please review our programs below to learn more and to join our collaborative work. 

The CAIR-Philadelphia Muslim Youth Leadership Program offers youths an opportunity to receive educational resources, skills and a safe space to expand their knowledge on topics such as: 

  • Civic Engagement  
  • Interfaith Collaboration  
  • Bullying and Conflict Resolution  
  • EmpowermentHow to Advocate for Muslim Inclusion and Equity 
  • Know Your Rights in Public and Private Schools 
  • Peer to Peer safe spaces to discuss issues regarding the marginalized underserved communities about racial inequalities, and cultural differences, giving the youths the opportunities to acquire the skills needed to be a successful citizens through advocacy, community engagement, and internships. 

The CAIR-Philadelphia MYLP Department has successfully held many workshops on topics affecting the youth today.

Prior to COVID-19, workshops were held in public, private, and charter schools places of worship, and community centers throughout the Greater Delaware Valley area. We have now expanded to include virtual workshops, webinars, and podcasts.  

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