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CAIR-Philadelphia Statement on Derek Chauvin Trial Verdict

CAIR-Philadelphia welcomes the conviction of Derek Chauvin in the murder of George Floyd. In a statement, CAIR-Philadelphia Civil Rights Attorney Timothy Welbeck said, "A guilty verdict, while satisfying in that it brings a measure of justice to Derek Chauvin's heinous actions, it still is an incomplete measure. It will never bring back George Floyd, and it is just the first step in addressing unchecked police violence against people of color."
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Ramadan Accommodation for Students and Employees

We are working to make sure Ramadan accommodations for Muslim students and employees are well-entrenched in each setting -- teachers and managers know to respect Muslim fast, avoid lunch meetings, arrange rooms for students to spend their time during lunch hours, and avoid evening meetings, to count a few.

Will you be a Champion of Justice?

Since CAIR-Philadelphia's inception, supporters like you have helped us be the leading advocate for justice and mutual understanding. You make possible every effort that empowers American Muslims. So now, we’ve got to ask… Will you be a Champion of Justice for CAIR-Philadelphia before the start of Ramadan?