Celebrating a Historical Step in Delaware: The Inaugural Muslim Capitol Day

We write today with a sense of joy and enthusiasm as yesterday we experienced a historic day in Delaware. After months of preparation led by our Delaware coordinator Abeer Jafil and Advocacy Projects Director Asiyah Jones, we launched the Inaugural Delaware Muslim Capitol Day organized by your CAIR-Philadelphia staff members in partnership with the office of Delaware State Representative Madinah Wilson-Anton.

Muslim Community Day at the Delaware Capitol

On Thursday, April 25, 2024, over 60 community members from all parts of Delaware traveled to Dover, DE to advocate for:

  • a moral political voice on the genocide taking place in Gaza,
  • criminal justice reform bills encouraging bail reform,
  • Eid accommodation for public school teachers, and
  • accommodations for Muslims in Delaware schools, hospitals, and correctional facilities.

Supported by over 10 area organizations including Delawareans for Palestinian Human Rights, Emgage, Islamic Society of Central Delaware, Islamic Society of Delaware, University of Delaware MSAs, Madrasa, Zakat Foundation, Free Food For All, Humbly Assisting Humanity, and Heads Up 302. MCD in Delaware was also a day of experiencing Delaware State House for the Darul-Amaanah students who traveled from Wilmington, DE to the State Capitol.

MCD in Delaware was also historic because a short while after our community members were recognized on the House Floor, Rep. Madinah Wilson-Anton’s HR 125, Recognizing the Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza and Supporting an Immediate and Lasting Ceasefire passed the State House, advancing to State Senate. Stay tuned for next steps from us and our allies to see this resolution passed.

We congratulate our Delaware Communities for this historic first Muslim Capitol Day!

– Abeer and Asiyah

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