GOP Rep Branded “Racist Islamophobe” Over Prayer in Front of PA House’s First Muslim Woman

“On this significant day, when Pennsylvanians of all backgrounds could celebrate the swearing-in of the Commonwealth’s first female Muslim House member—thus expanding the tradition of religious freedom so important to the history of this Commonwealth—Republican Representative Stephanie Borowicz chose instead to deliver a thinly veiled attack on the Islamic faith of Representative Johnson-Harrell that failed to meet even the most minimum standards of mutual respect and religious tolerance,” CAIR Philadelphia Executive Director Jacob Bender said.

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New Exhibit at Please Touch Museum Teaches Muslim Culture

CAIR-Philadelphia partnered with Please Touch Museum to train the Museum staff on the basic tenets and history of Islam ahead of America to Zanzibar: Muslim Cultures Near and Far, an exhibit that recently opened to the public at the Please Touch Museum.

The exhibit is a hands-on experience for kids to learn about Muslim art, architecture, trade, fashion and more. CAIR-Philadelphia Executive Committee Member Salima Suswell was featured on PHL17’s segment:

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Interfaith leaders denounce Pittsburgh shooting, Trump’s ‘attack’ on immigrants

An interfaith group of religious leaders came together for a press conference Tuesday to denounce the mass shooting inside a Pittsburgh synagogue and President Donald Trump’s latest attack on undocumented immigrants.

They said a prayer of mourning, at Friends Center in Center City, for the 11 men and women who were gunned down inside the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh on Saturday, calling out each of their names. The leaders represented area mosques, churches, and synagogues who called the massacre the direct result of a larger scheme of hate that began more than two years ago.

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Data show cases of anti-Muslim bullying in schools on the rise

Officials at CAIR-Philadelphia said these acts represent a pattern of anti-Muslim bullying in schools that has been on the rise since 2014.

Since August, the organization has received more than a dozen complaints of anti-Muslim bullying targeted at 15 to 20 students in 13 schools and colleges in the region, said Timothy Welbeck, the civil rights attorney for CAIR-Philadelphia. By comparison, there was one complaint of bullying for 2014, two for 2015, and nine for 2016.

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