Woman praying inside Jamia Masjid, India by flowcomm on Flickr

Muslim Women in Sacred Spaces

Statistics show that only 18% of women attend mosques in America. With over 75% of mosques using dividers that make us invisible and only 13% of mosques allowing female participation on boards. These statistics were shared during CAIR-Philadelphia’s groundbreaking Muslim Women in Sacred Spaces Symposium on February 6, 2015 at Villanova University.

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Impeachment NOW!

We can only imagine the number of rioters that would have been killed by the Capitol police had hundreds of Black men and women, many wearing helmets and carrying shields, stormed the U.S. Capitol Building…

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Count Every Vote by doug turetsky on Flickr

Now more than ever, it is time for civic engagement

Too often we take things for granted. Our Democracy is just one example. As an American Muslim who witnessed the changes in the last four years in our country, I came to realize that I needed to act if I was to help continue to preserve and strengthen the democracy in the country that I idealize so much.

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An End and a Beginning: Welcome to 2021!

In 2020, CAIR-Philadelphia did AMAZING work, and I will refer you to the summaries of the achievements by Jacob, Timothy, and Ahmet (our exceptional, dedicated and talented staff) that were published and emailed recently. There are still many hours left before midnight, time enough to make your final tax-deductible and zakat-eligible donation to allow CAIR-Philadelphia to continue its groundbreaking work on behalf of the American Muslim community of the Greater Delaware Valley.

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“The Year of the Plagues” by Jacob Bender

One hundred years ago, 680,000 Americans died in the Spanish Flu Pandemic that ravaged the United States, with Philadelphia being the worst hit city in the nation. Among the dead was my grandfather Yitzhak Bendersky, who had emigrated from Russia to America only a few years before in search of a better life for his family and himself.

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