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Jacob Bender in Tempo magazine (Indonesian)

9 July 2017 – Download PDF

In U.S., are Muslims the new Jews?

by Stu Bykofsky
Philadelphia Daily News

Other immigrants, such as those from Germany, Italy, and Asia, often got the cold shoulder, too, but it was not as severe. The U.S. always has been a little bipolar on immigration — elated at the idea of a Land of Immigrants, but some of us not so keen when the new arrivals don’t look like us.

Muslims are the latest to arrive in numbers, and they carry the additional burden of being associated with terrorism. “Bad luck,” as with Japanese immigrants in California at the outbreak of World War II, observes Jacob Bender, executive director of the Philadelphia chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations. For Muslims, 9/11 created “a level of suspicion that was heretofore unknown to their community.” Bender happens to be Jewish. Read more…

“This is Ramadan” Video

Featuring CAIR-Philadelphia Advisory Board Member Aaysha Noor.

Trump’s Remarks To Islamic Leaders Draw Mixed Reaction From Philly-Area Muslims

Travel ban drawing fire despite the tweaks

by Michael Matza Philadelpha Inquirer President Trump’s executive order “do-over,” derided by critics as “Muslim Ban 2.0,” is drawing fire despite the tweaks. “Muslims still feel harassed, ridiculed, and persecuted in their traveling,” said Jacob Bender, director of the Philadelphia chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations. “Just recently, Muhammad Ali’s [Philadelphia-born] son was detained”… Read more…

Local Lawyers Scrutinize Trump’s New Travel Ban

by Pat Loeb KYW Radio Ryan Houldin of the Council on American-Islamic Relations finds it ironic that the new order comes on the anniversary of the reviled Dred Scott decision that denied citizenship to African-Americans. “It’s very unfortunate that 160 years later we haven’t really learned any lessons, and we’re just targeting another group of… Read more…

Muslim leaders express solidarity with Philly Jewish cemetery after headstones are vandalized

by Sam Newhouse The 100 headstones toppled over at Mount Carmel’s cemetery in Frankford happened sometime on Saturday night. It came a day before dozens of Jewish centers along the East Coast received bomb threats, including 11 in Pennsylvania. Local leaders of all faiths have deplored the Mount Carmel incident, with some openly connecting… Read more…

Cancelled speaker at Friends Central the latest in a spate of on-campus free speech controversies

by Dana DiFilippo Newsworks There are few festering political debates as polarizing as the Israel-Palestinian conflict. That’s probably why speakers from Breitbart editor Milo Yiannapoulos to activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali to scholar Norman Finkelstein repeatedly draw protests when they are invited to speak somewhere. In fact, FIRE found that nearly a quarter of all speaker… Read more…

CAIR Interviewed on “Another Thing with Larry Mendte” (video)

Jacob Bender, our Executive Director, and Ryan Houldin, our Staff Attorney, were interviewed on CH 2/PMCM-TV in a segment about hate crimes. (Video)

Kenney advocates for unity at Muslim prayer service

by Maya Earls Philadelphia Tribune Mayor Jim Kenney joined a midday prayer service, Jummah, at the Muslim American Society Mosque in North Philadelphia on Friday morning. Speaking before the prayer, Kenney and other local officials praised the mosque for its volunteer work and promised to defend the congregants against Islamophobia. … Executive Director of the… Read more…