The New CAIR-Philadelphia Blog is Coming!

Yes, it’s finally coming. Our new updated CAIR-Philadelphia blog will be launching on Monday, December 7th. Every Monday we will spotlight American Muslim perspectives on the issues that impact our communities.

In the last few months, CAIR-Philadelphia has been working to improve our communications with the American Muslim community in the Greater Delaware Valley. The blog will be one way we aim to do that.  Our goal is to facilitate a more empowered, engaged, and informed Muslim American community.

We invite you to celebrate with us next Monday when our first blog post is posted on our website and shared on Facebook.

Finally, we would love to hear from you as well. So please let us know what issues you are interested in reading about (see form below) and join the conversation on Facebook. If you are an aspiring writer, send us your missives; our editorial staff might make you our next guest blogger!

Thank you for your continued support!