Outreach Updates

Women in Islam Presentations

Rugiatu Conteh, Outreach and Communications Director, conducted Women in Islam presentations at the Osher Institute of Lifetime learning and the Center for Retirement Learning last week. We’ve received many requests for this presentation as the discussion on the recent burqa ban in France continues.

Unfortunately, the unanimous opinion among the students was that Muslim women are oppressed. Most made references to programs that they had watched on television and news articles. It was surprising that Rugiatu was the first Muslim woman they had talked to one-on-one.

The presentation highlighted women’s rights in Islam, famous female personalities (scholars, leaders, women mentioned in the Quran) and contemporary issues. The students asked many questions and brought up interesting topics. They enjoyed the presentation so much that Rugiatu was asked to conduct another session at the Osher Institute.

To request a Women in Islam presentation, please email us at info@philadelphia.cair.com or call 267-515-6710.

Muslim Youth Leadership Program (MYLP)

Do we encourage our youth to file discrimination complaints or to report abuses to the proper authorities? According to some workshop participants, when they complained of religious or racial discrimination to parents, they told them to ignore it.

BIG MISTAKE! Bullying, teasing and harassment by peers or teachers should be dealt with swiftly. Unreported discrimination has a great impact on a child’s self-esteem and self-worth.

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We’ve been getting more cases involving discrimination in public schools. We urge parents or guardians to talk to their children about discrimination and to review your child’s school procedure on handling bullying and discrimination.

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DOWNLOAD: ACLU’s Know Your Rights Handbook for Public Schools in Pennsylvania (pdf)

Egyptian Human Rights Activist Professional Visits CAIR-Philadelphia

Last week Rugiatu and Interfaith Chair, Sally Selim, met with Kholoud Saber, Project Manager of the Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression based in Cairo. Her trip is sponsored by the US Agency for International Development. The International Visitor’s Council of Philadelphia has coordinated her activities in Philadelphia. Kholoud gave an update on recent events in Egypt and the role of students in the Revolution.

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