Voting Information for Tomorrow

Your Polling Station:

Before you leave your house to vote tomorrow, please double check your polling location, in case it has moved.

Scorecard for PA and DE Politicians!

Learn where politicians stand on issues of importance for our community. As you’re getting ready to vote, feel free to check out this Down Ballot Guide so you’re ready to cast a vote for all the offices appearing on your ballot.

Know Your Rights

Visit to learn your rights in the election process.

Do you need a ride to the polls?

Or to early voting stations in Philadelphia, Allentown, Harrisburg and other locations? Call our partner POWER to arrange your ride: 1-844-769-3788 (1-844-POWERVT).


Visit our FAQ page for PA and DE!

Call Us:

We are ready to assist you on and before election day. Call our hotline at 617-401-5397 to receive assistance. And if you have any issues casting your ballot or see unsafe conditions please also call 1-866-687-8683.

USCMO’s Muslim Americans Election Poll

Please complete the USCMO’s Muslim Americans Election PollVisit today so your insights are reflected in this national poll.