Focus Article: Jihad Against The Abuse Of Jihad
by Abukar Arman

In light of the rampant extremism and militarism around the world, nothing proves more dangerous than the manipulative alteration of truth to reach certain political ends. In the final analysis, it is this tactic that facilitates the demonization process that blurs ideologies and beliefs in the West and Islamic world. And, no concept is more abused by both sides than the concept of Jihad.

To the Muslim extremists and their cronies, jihad is a narrowly defined license to fight their perceived enemies (including Muslims, as is the case in Somalia ) even if that leads to committing atrocities against innocent civilians. And to the Western extremists and their cronies, Jihad is a religiously sanctioned perpetual holy war led by irrational militant non-state actors sworn to destroy Western values and civilization.

However, Jihad is a complex concept deeply embedded in Islam. It is an Islamic principle that all Muslims who adhere to the teachings of their religion embrace. And, contrary to the prevalent post 9/11 perception, the concept does not connote senseless violence against innocents or suicide bombing.

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