Focus Article: Perception Management: Source of the Eternal Conflict between Good and Evil

by Dr. Robert D. Crane

The foreign and domestic policy crises of the current Administration may be blamed someday on Barack Obama if he does not solve them. But, we may hope that historians will admit that he did not create them.

One may find many causes for chaos in the world, both political and financial, but a major one is what Steven Pinker in his book, The Stuff of Thought, has called “perception management.” This is may be defined simply as “cover up.” It can be used both aggressively to impose one’s own power on others or to defend oneself from being outed.

Such false or falsified knowledge is the opposite of what Christian theologians often term the Logos, which is the embodiment of truth in the form of ultimate knowledge. Christians would say that this comes from the Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ. Muslims say it comes from the Ruh al Quddus or Holy Spirit through the Qur’an.

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