The Muslim & African Bans: What’s Next?

With many thanks to our colleagues at CAIR-SFBA, we are sharing this update:

The State Department issued a statement providing some information on next steps for those impacted by the Muslim and African bans.

While the statement does not provide much detail, here’s what we know:

  • If your application was previously denied under the bans, any future visa applications will not be affected by that previous denial.
  • If you applied for an immigrant visa and received a final refusal on or after January 20, 2020 due to the bans, you may be reconsidered without the need to resubmit your application or to pay any additional fees if your visa petition remains accurate. But it is not yet clear what steps such applicants should take.
  • If your immigrant visa application was denied before January 20, 2020, you may also be reconsidered, but you must submit a new application and fee.
  • For fiscal year 2017 to 2020 Diversity Visa applicants, the State Department notes that because the deadlines for visa issuance for previous years have now expired, Diversity Visa applicants affected by the bans will not be issued visas.

We will issue further updates as we learn more.

In the meantime, send a letter to members of Congress urging them to pass the NO BAN Act and ensure that no future Muslim and African bans happen again.

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