Islam 101 & Women in Islam Presentation at Catholic College

The average American who is misinformed about Muslims and the Islamic faith usually has three misconceptions:

  1. Muslims are not tolerant of people of other faiths
  2. Islam oppresses women
  3. Islamic law is full of punishments and restricts personal expression

CAIR-Philadelphia takes a proactive approach by conducting educational presentations that provide a forum for ordinary citizens to ask questions about Islamic beliefs or Muslim practices. In light of current events, including protests of the Innocence of Muslims film and more recently the tragic shooting of a teenage Pakistani activist, many people have questions related to the role of women in Islam and how Islam views freedom of speech and religion.

Outreach and Communications Director Rugiatu Conteh conducted an Islam 101 and Women in Islam presentation at Gwynedd-Mercy College last Wednesday to discuss these issues. About 40 students and faculty attended, and found the presentation both enlightening and informative. Rugiatu addressed common stereotypes of Muslim women while debunking myths about Islamic law.

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