World Environment Day: Greening our Ramadan

Last week, President Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord put the United States at odds with facts, scientific consensus, moral responsibility, and nearly every country in the world implementing the Paris Accord to limit global devastation already being caused by climate change before it’s too late.

Today, CAIR-Philadelphia commemorates World Environment Day, with a call to action, reaffirming the Muslim-American commitment to local solutions that protect our earth and help the community, reflecting the Islamic principle of stewardship.

Where the Trump administration puts profit-maximizing short-term monetary gain for corporate allies first, they let greed prevail over good for all humanity. By failing to keep America’s international commitments, they put all of humanity at risk.

That why we the people are making the change within our own hearts and green-conscience, personal deeds, and community initiatives.

Over the past few months, CAIR-Philadelphia organized a grassroots educational series about spiritual ecology and community letter drive for climate action at Muslim institutions around the Delaware Valley with our partners at PA-Interfaith Power and Light.

We mobilized dozens of CAIR-members to join the Keepers of the Faith contingent of the People’s Climate March on Washington. We hand-delivered dozens of letters and advocated on Capitol Hill for clean earth, sustainable energy, and a solution to the climate crisis.

We circulated thousands of flyers through Muslim-American communities to support the Walk for Green Jobs and Justice. The bold and spirited initiative led by our friends at Earth Quaker Action Team and POWER Interfaith would bring solar jobs and power to the most vulnerable communities around Greater Philadelphia.

Today, we call on CAIR members to take three real steps to fighting climate change here in Philadelphia: 

1. Read and share knowledge with your social media feeds about how climate change puts millions of lives (and dollars) in jeopardy:

The Economist: Islam and ecology In almost perfect harmony

What’s Really Warming the World – Is it Climate Change?

Eight ways climate change is making the world more dangerous

VIDEO: How melting Arctic ice could cause uncontrollable climate change

Eco-Jihad in Islamic Economics: The Need for a New Economic Paradigm

‘Green Muslims,’ Eco-Islam and Evolving Climate Change Consciousness

2. Contact PECO today and sign up to support the Green Jobs and Justice campaign to create local solar jobs and buy clean energy from the people, not dirty fossil fuel sources:

Take direct action by tweeting @PECOconnect and calling Craig L. Adams, PEC President and CEO at 215-841-4908 to ask: “Will PECO uphold the goals of the Paris climate agreement to reduce emissions enough to protect our planet from more than 2C warming?”

3. Host a Green Iftar in your community.

Our coalition partners at ISNA are circulating guidelines to an eco-friendly Ramadan.

CAIR staff will be visiting mosques throughout the region to talk about earth stewardship and hosting our climate action letter drive.

We encourage you to check out this short Green Ramadan webinar.

Be sure to sign your masjid community up to the Greening Ramadan Campaign