A Letter From Nicole Souadda, CAIR-Philadelphia Advisory Board

Dear Friends of CAIR-Philadelphia,

I know. These appeal letters can be exhausting and you are probably receiving 2 or 3 a day now especially because we are in the last 10 days of Ramadan.

So I’m going to do something different. I’m not going to appeal to you to donate money to CAIR because of some particular programming CAIR does. No, I’m here to explain to you that just like you need medical insurance whether you ever get sick or not, you need to support CAIR whether you think you “need” them now or not. Why? Because what are you going to do when, just because you are a Muslim, you are denied a job or your child is separated from their class on a school field trip due to “security concerns”? What are you going to do when the rights you have living in the United States are compromised simply because you are Muslim and CAIR isn’t there to help you because you didn’t donate to them today?

You simply can’t afford NOT to support CAIR.

No matter where you are from — India, Syria, Egypt, Pakistan, Morocco, Kuwait, Malaysia, or Turkey, or a US-born or converted Muslim — you are now part of the American Muslim community and have a responsibility to let others know and understand our beautiful religion.

Our children are growing up in the United States, and because of how you have raised them within an Islamic environment, they will always be both Muslims and Americans. Don’t you want your kid’s classmates, teachers, and coaches to know and understand them and what makes them want to proudly identify as Muslims, even at this difficult time? CAIR can help with that.

Your insurance policy with CAIR for just $30 a month ensures that CAIR will be around to hold workshops at your kids’ schools and community centers, that CAIR will be around to speak for the Muslim community when we are attacked in the media, and that CAIR will be there to defend us when someone marginalizes or demonizes us because we each day we say: “La i­llah illa-llah wa Mohammadur Rasulu-llah!”

I am contributing my share to ensure that CAIR is always there to support me and my family. Won’t you do the same?

Please donate today.

Thank You,
Nicole Souadda

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