8 Days to Go – There is still time to donate to CAIR-Philadelphia

From our previous updates, we hope you have noted the value of the services CAIR-Philadelphia has provided to our community. Effective success depends on a combination of three factors: talent, time and treasure.

Alhamdulillah, CAIR-Philadelphia has four very talented individuals working for us: Jacob Bender our executive director, Timothy Welbeck, Esq., our staff attorney, Dr. Ahmet Selim Tekelioglu, our outreach and education director, and Leena Jaffer, our operations manager. They have been able, due to your continuous and generous support, to provide our community and the general public with an unprecedented level of services, all the more important in these perilous times.

The third factor is treasure. It is because of your continued investment in CAIR-Philadelphia that we have been able to cover staff salaries, office expenses, and the costs of our myriad programs. In order to meet our budget for 2018, we still need to raise $173,000 in the blessed last ten days of Ramadan.

I am therefore requesting that you please donate to CAIR-Philadelphia so that we can continue serving you in the months and years ahead.

Below is a summary of where your donations have been spent. I hope we can count on you.

Thank you,

Osama Al-Qasem
President, CAIR-Philadelphia

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