CAIR-Philadelphia Annual Banquet a Huge Success

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Last Saturday, March 10, a sold-out audience of 850 people attended our 12th Annual Banquet at the Springfield Country Club. Below is a selection of the feedback we received from our attendees:

“CAIR-PA has become expert in putting together a great event which everyone enjoyed. I congratulate the entire team for their tireless efforts in running this organization for 12 years. CAIR is getting better and better every year, mashaAllah.”

– Mohammad Aziz (Islamic Society of Greater Valley Forge)

“CAIR achieved its goal of rejuvenating the spirit of citizenship and connection with the community we belong to. CAIR with its speakers conveyed the message that following Islam with a sense of pride, truthfulness, humility, faith and resilience will surely bring favorable results, In Sha Allah. And of course Mo was hilarious!”

– Mukaram Syed (Board Member, Islamic Community Center of Lancaster; Principal, ISGVF Sunday School)

“As a CAIR National staff member, I am so fortunate to have enjoyed the opportunity to attend CAIR-PA’s 12th Annual Banquet. It is one of the best banquets I have ever attended for its ability to educate, inspire and entertain, all at once. Each portion of the program felt inspired by the prophetic tradition. CAIR-PA is doing amazing things, and I’m happy to see that the community acknowledges and supports its work.”

– Danette Zaghari-Mask (Danette Zaghari-Mask, National Nonprofit Attorney, CAIR-National)

“Congratulations on a great event! With the personal stories complemented with music and photos, followed by a very educational presentation by the MC delivered emphatically, this event was one of the most captivating banquets I’ve attended! The audio and video flowed very smoothly and the banquet lights were amazing!”

– Arsalan Bukhari (Director of Strategic Communications, CAIR-National)

“The banquet was another well-organized event planned beautifully by CAIR staff. Both the moderator and the keynote speakers were engaging and right on target in addressing the issues that Muslims and other minorities are facing these days. Mo Amer was quite a hit and well received by all the groups and a perfect ending to a wonderful event.”

– Nevan Hamid (Community Member)

“This year’s CAIR-Philadelphia banquet was as always very impressive. The message delivered by all the speakers emphasized the value of community support, leadership, and unity. I will continue to support CAIR and its vision because I’m a strong believer in the value of CAIR and its impact on our community.”

– Eyad Takiedine (Muslim Youth Center of Philadelphia and Islamic Community Center of Willow Grove)

“CAIR’s 2018 Banquet so movingly portrayed what motivates people from around the world to leave their ancestral homes with the hopes of providing a better future for their future generations. It is no surprise that the children of many of these immigrants have dedicated their lives today to upholding freedom, civil liberties and social justice. I can think of no greater service.”

– Sally Baraka (Interfaith Center of Greater Philadelphia)

“I wanted to congratulate you and the CAIR staff and organizing team on a very successful annual meeting this year. The speakers were well spoken, enthusiastic and passionate about the mission of the organization. The organization is very important to the local community and it’s heartwarming to see a successful Islamic organization. Job well done.”

– Mohammad Abu-Orf, Ph.D. (Community Member)

“This year’s CAIR banquet was both empowering and encouraging as it made us feel united, not only with the Muslim community, but with all the minority groups in the country. Events such as this are vital during this political climate and give us hope and inspiration.”

– Abdul Mughees (eMgage)

“This is second time I attended CAIR banquet and Alhamdulillah both times found it really useful for myself and family and really enjoyed the speakers.”

– Dr. Adil Waheed (Islamic Society of Greater Harrisburg)

“I have been attending CAIR banquet for the last 10+ years. This banquet was the most organized with both great content and quality. I thought the speakers were eloquent and powerful. The presentation about CAIR accomplishments was the highlight of the night. It was creative and effective.”

– Nagi Latefa (Muslim Association of Lehigh Valley and eMgage)

“My husband and I really enjoyed the banquet this year. The reception allowed pleasant time for catching up with some of the community members that I sometimes see only at the banquet. I also enjoyed learning of new initiatives run by Muslim organizations. The main program was interesting and timely in content. The comedian was a wonderful last act to a relaxing evening.”

– Nabeehah Parker (Islamic Heritage Foundation)

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13th Annual Banquet – March 9, 2019

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