Professor Khalidi in The New York Times

CAIR is primarily a non-profit, tax-exempt American organization mostly focusing on protecting the civil rights of American Muslims.

Occasionally, however, we feel compelled to comment on or reprint the opinion of others on matters of great importance to this community. One such issue is the continuing Israeli occupation of the Palestinian people via the expulsion of their leaders and the destruction of hundreds of Arab homes to make room for the metastasizing Jewish settlements now littered across the West Bank.

Four days ago, The New York Times printed in their opinion pages an important article by Rashid Khalidi, Professor of Middle Eastern history at Columbia University in New York City, titled “Will the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem be Built on Confiscated Palestinian Land?

Watch my interview with Dr. Khalidi on CAIR-Philly’s website.  

Dr. Khalidi’s wonderful book: The Hundred Years’ War on Palestine (Amazon)

Jacob Bender,
CAIR-Philadelphia Creative Director

Featured photo by Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona on Unsplash

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