An Open Letter to the University of Delaware

At CAIR-Philadelphia, we are committed to our mission of promoting justice and mutual understanding! To that end, we are sharing this letter from Students for Justice in Palestine (SPJ) – UD with our communities.

We applaud all students and community advocates for speaking up against inconsistent policies and for selective engagement with students who advocate for Palestine.

It is open to signatures/endorsements from community organizations and individuals: Sign the Letter.

Dear UD Administration and Community, 

Before we address the heart of the matter, we would like to extend our thoughts and prayers to you and all of your loved ones. We sincerely hope that you are safe and healthy. We’ve been through a long year of trials and tribulations, with the pandemic and various social issues. 

I reach out to you today on behalf of our Students for Justice in Palestine chapter (SJP at UD). Our RSO is comprised of undergraduate students and alumni and is dedicated to promoting justice, human rights, liberation, decolonization, and self-determination of the Palestinian people who have been living without basic rights under Israeli military occupation since 1948. As students, our priorities are education, awareness, legislation, and critical/analytical discussions of the occupation of Palestine and the Israeli Apartheid state under the settler-colonial structure of Israel. We aim to promote political development and political awareness about other liberation movements (i.e Black Liberation, Indigenous Liberation, etc.) and the history of our own.

In addition to working towards the liberation of Palestine, as Palestinians in the diaspora alongside our allies, we work to ensure the inclusivity of a genuine understanding of Palestinian people, culture, history, and, in essence, existence. We also work to provide resources for Palestinians at the University of Delaware while advocating on their behalf to ensure that they are treated with the same respect, dignity, and worth. We give the same attention to Palestinians on our own campus as we do to the families in Palestine currently being forcibly displaced. 

It is with a heavy heart that we address you today, for we have a lot of concerns that we wish to bring forth. We are extremely late with this letter, as it should have been sent a month ago when tensions were high and social media was hypervigilant on the question of Palestine. In late April/early May, Palestinians in a neighborhood in East Jerusalem called Sheikh Jarrah, many of whom sought refuge after being forcibly displaced from their homes in 1948, were told that their homes were not theirs and that they would be evicted to make room for settlers coming from places like Long Island, NY. This sparked a string of peaceful protests within cities across Occupied Palestine, standing in solidarity with Sheikh Jarrah. At the end of the Holy month of Ramadan, during the last ten days, Israeli Occupation Forces prevented Muslim Palestinians from praying in the Al Aqsa and Dome of the Rock mosques, closing the doors, and placing barriers. This sparked a new wave of protests and rightful Palestinian resistance which resulted in an escalation of state-sanctioned violence.

In Gaza, 256 Palestinians were killed and 2,000 were wounded. Over 2,000 housing and commercial units were destroyed. An estimated 15,000 housing units sustained some degree of damage. About 113,000 Palestinians were internally displaced. In Jerusalem, after Israeli Occupation Forces stormed the compound on May 7th, with stun grenades and rubber-coated steel bullets, more than 300 Palestinians were wounded. Later, on May 8th, more than 600 Palestinians were wounded and more than 400 were hospitalized. On May 10th, Israeli Occupation Forces stormed the compound again, leaving 520 Palestinians wounded, with more than 333 transferred to hospitals. Between May 14th and May 16th, 13 Palestinians in the West Bank were killed, more than 100 Palestinians were injured. On May 17th, 3 more Palestinian protesters were killed by the occupation forces. By May 18th, the day of the General [Global] Strike, 71 Palestinians were wounded. By May 21st, a total of 26 Palestinians in the West Bank were killed and about 6,900 were injured. That is a rough total of 282 Palestinians killed and more than 8,900 Palestinians injured, in addition to the many Palestinians in Gaza that were displaced, the damaged infrastructure, the many Palestinians who were arrested for protesting, and the lynchings of Palestinians by mobs of Israeli settlers. 

There is a reason for sharing these gruesome numbers. They are a representation of the gross disproportionality and power asymmetry that exists in this so-called “conflict.” They are a representation of deliberate targeting of a specific population (Palestinians) that Palestinian and pro-Palestinian students at UD are deeply saddened and pained by. Palestinians on our campus, in our local community, and across the country have been continuously keeping up with everything that is going on the ground, including these numbers. Several of our SJP at UD members were hosting live sessions on social media to update the general public about what was going on the ground, by bringing residents of Sheikh Jarrah, Palestinians in Gaza amidst the bombing, and Palestinians who were arrested and detained to speak. Palestinians on campus, during finals week, while studying and taking their finals, struggled to keep up with their families and friends currently on the ground, many of whom live in the West Bank and Jerusalem. Yet, despite that, there was absolutely no recognition of Palestinian UD students on campus, not then, and not a month later. 

No statement. No acknowledgment. No recognition. In 2020, when there was an increasing awareness about police brutality in the U.S, when BLM rightfully took to the streets to protest the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbrery, the UD Administration released multiple statements, standing in solidarity with BIPOC students. Over the last year, the UD Administration extended its support and solidarity to the Asian community at UD, condemning the rise of anti-Asian violence. Yet, here we are, as Palestinian students and allies on campus, with no recognition of our struggle and no solidarity. It is absolutely despicable, yet not necessarily surprising. This is not a complicated issue. It is not one that requires a degree in Middle Eastern Studies from UD’s History or Political Science Departments to understand. Palestinians peacefully protested the Israeli theft of Palestinian land and the displacement of Palestinian families, and, in retaliation, Israeli Occupation Forces attacked the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Islam’s third-holiest site, during the holy month of Ramadan. This is nothing new, nor is it isolated. This is a continuation of a larger settler-colonial movement, dedicated to land theft and the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, since 1948. This is not a religious issue nor is it confined to any particular faith. It is not complex. It is not a mere dispute. It is not a mere “conflict.” Since January, NGOs such as B’tSelem and Human Rights Watch have released reports describing the apartheid structure of Israel and its many crimes against Palestinians. Palestinians are living at the behest of a settler-colonial movement, facilitated through a permanent occupation and an apartheid state. It is actually that simple. 

Ghassan Kanafani, Palestinian author of The Land of the Sad Oranges once said, “the Palestinian cause is not a cause for Palestinians only, but for every revolutionary, wherever he is…” This is an issue that should concern everyone. As citizens of America, we are complicit in the larger system. Our taxes, $3.8 billion annually, fund the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. We must be able to push back and reverse this complacency. We should not be supporting this regime, vocally, or financially, or tacitly. Therefore, we ask you to condemn the actions of the Israeli state and vocalize your support for Palestinians who currently attend or recently graduated from the University of Delaware. 

Now that context has been provided for the last month or so, we wish to address a few concerns that have irritated Palestinians and allies on campus. On Thursday, May 27th, 2021, a 59-year-old Palestinian student at the University of Delaware graduated with a doctorate in Education, specifically Educational Leadership. He was referred to in Dean Rossi’s introduction as “the most experienced doctoral candidate.” You might have remembered him wearing a “Palestine” stole—a kuffieyh design (often stigmatized) with the Palestinian flag, Palestine in big red letters, the icon of the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, and, in Arabic, “Jerusalem is ours”—and sharing an anecdote about how his parents were illiterate yet managed to push him and his siblings to become doctors and engineers. To the UD community of Academia, this student was the embodiment of academic experience and excellence. To Palestinians and allies of the UD community, this student was the embodiment of perseverance and Palestinian excellence; a representation of what a Palestinian can achieve even after enduring years under brutal occupation. 

We share the story of this older student so you understand the value that the Palestinian community brings to your campus. Palestinians from various walks of life, abroad and locally, have come to UD to obtain an education in STEM-related fields and the Humanities and have dedicated time and effort towards achieving academic excellence and demanding a more inclusive and responsible community/administration. While we concede that the Palestinian community at UD is small, it nonetheless deserves the same appreciation and attention, especially in such a dire, hard time. 

As Students for Justice in Palestine, we question, with great urgency, why there was not [on May 27th] and there has never been a Palestinian flag hosted on stage for every graduation commencement or hooding? Every year there is an Israeli flag (the flag of the settler-colonial movement and occupation of Palestine), a Saudi Arabian flag, a Sudanese flag, and a host of other countries, mostly European, which serve to show the countries which the student body represents. Yet, despite that, there was not a Palestinian flag on May 27th. We question with great urgency, why only half of the doctoral hooding ceremony was posted on UD’s YouTube, and why the university conveniently left out the entire Education Department’s hooding, which our Palestinian student was a proud graduate of? We understand, after emails were sent and comments were made under the video, that this was an “error,” but such an error surely raises eyebrows!  We question, with great urgency, why, in the video that was posted for the first half of the hooding ceremony, a list of countries which the 2021 doctoral candidates represented were included and yet, conveniently, Palestine was left out (screenshot below)? An email was sent, inquiring about it, however, it’s been more than 36 hours and there has not been a response.

Additionally, we question why, when the Palestinian student informed their department of their national origins as “Palestine” so that it may be represented on a slide such as this screenshot, or named at the actual ceremony, it was not, nor was a Palestinian flag included. We question with great urgency, why in the 2021 hooding ceremony for all doctoral candidates, the university chose not to explicitly mention to the audience the list of countries being represented, as was mentioned in the 2019 hooding ceremony, as though to conceal and purposely disclude a Palestinian student and graduate? We question with great urgency why the statement/commentary that this Palestinian student provided for the ceremony was doctored in a way that changed facts and excluded a very specific “thank you” to the student’s wife? Should there be a policy that requires the removal of any specific names, then that should have been communicated directly with the student prior to the hooding ceremony. We question with great urgency, the cultural insensitivity in the pronunciation of this student’s name in this virtual video that was sent to each doctoral candidate. We question why when this Palestinian student submitted a photo for a CEHD post, at the request of the Academic Support Coordinator, David Hannah, of him wearing the “Free Palestine” stole, the picture was never used, nor was there any communication that this picture was deemed inefficient for use. There was also never a post made. We question why when this Palestinian student filled out a form for the commencement ceremony, answering “Palestine” as the country of origin, it was never used, mentioned, or shared.

These instances may seem trivial to you, but they are absolutely not. This is a direct example of the continuous erasure that Palestinians in Occupied Palestine AND in the diaspora face. This is too interconnected to be coincidental and too prevalent to be isolated. This is erasure and we demand a thorough, reasonable explanation if there is any. As Students for Justice in Palestine at UD, we seek to represent all Palestinians on campus and those who stand in solidarity with us. Just as we worked to push out a letter demanding accountability on behalf of the Black community at UD, on June 4th, 2020, we seek to do the same for our own people.

Therefore, as students with distinct rights, we demand, without hesitation, the following:

  1. That the University of Delaware releases an official statement formally expressing their complete and unconditional solidarity with the Palestinian community and Students for Justice in Palestine at the University of Delaware. 
  2. That an apology be made directly to the student in question [by now the UD administration and community know who he is], and that it be publicly addressed to the UD community.
  3. That the second part of the hooding ceremony, which includes the entire education department of which our Palestinian student is part of, be posted on UD’s YouTube, AND that the list of countries being represented is rewritten to include Palestine. 
  4. That a Palestinian flag be present at EVERY graduation commencement and hooding ceremony, ESPECIALLY if there is a Palestinian student graduating.
  5. As the CUNY Community demanded in their Statement of Solidarity, that the University:
    1.  “Highlight Palestinian scholarship on Palestine in syllabi, our writing, and through invitation of Palestinian scholars and community members to speak at departmental and university events, and extend this approach to any and all indigenous scholars within the university and in our communities.”
  6. That the University makes a conscious effort to reach out to their Palestinian students and to the Students for Justice in Palestine at UD to discuss solidarity, resources, and the effects of the realities on the ground on Palestinians on our campus and in the diaspora. 

For further reference as to the kind of response UD’s Palestinian and Pro-Palestinian community needs and expects from UD administration please check out these faculty-led statements:

With great respect, exhaustion, and frustration,

Students for Justice in Palestine

Contact: President of SJP at UD: Nada Abuasi at

Official Signatories:

  1. Nada Abuasi, She/Her/, President of Students for Justice in Palestine and Secretary of United Missions for Relief and Development, Political Liason for Muslim Student Association 
  2. Council on American-Islamic Relations, Philly, Community Organization
  3. Hafsah Mansoori, Treasurer of Muslim Student Association, Treasurer of Students for Justice in Palestine
  4. Cassiana Desir, She/They, Treasurer for Russian Club
  5. Zumana Noor, She/Her, Community Member
  6. Andréa Reynolds, She/Her, Vice President of KoDAC and Director of Publicity of the Lavender Programming Board
  7. Anonymous Signer, She/Her
  8. Cristina de Arana, She/Ella, Alumni Class of 2021
  9. Raphael Dela Cruz, He/Him/His, Alumni Class of 2021
  10. Diana Peterson, She/Her
  11. Chaela Wills, She/Her
  12. Abubakarr Bah, President of National Society of Black Engineers
  13. Jalen Adams, He/Him, Director of Photography for The New Zine Magazine
  14. Sarah LaTorre, She/Her
  15. Yara Awad, She/Her
  16. Matthew Rigor, He/Him, Alumni Class of 2020
  17. Zien Awad, She/Her
  18. Ellie, She/Her, Community Member/Delawarean
  19. Austin Figliola, Community Member
  20. Jena Awad, Alumni, Class of 2020
  21. Daniel Carapezzi, He/Him, Alumni, Class of 2021
  22. Iris Inez Perez-Mazariegos, She/Her, Class of 2021, Outgoing President of We’re First
  23. Brittany Pham, She/Her, Alumni, Class of 2019
  24. Fran, they/them, Class of 2022, Former Resident Assistant 
  25. David Deming, Alumni, Class of 2021
  26. Noelly Abreu, She/Her, Student, University of Delaware Senior
  27. Dan Nguyen, She/Her, Alumni, Class of 2021
  28. Colin Mooney, He/Him, Community Member and Organizer: Food Not Bombs, Construction Worker, Revolutionary
  29. Razan, She/They, Student
  30. Areeba Khan, She/Her, Student, President of the Muslim Student’s Association, Congressional Leadership Development Fellow, TEDx Speaker, Senate Staffer
  31. Anonymous Signer, Student, Class of 2023
  32. Janice Xie, Community Member, Newark Citizen
  33. Carina Christenbury, They/Them, Student, Board Member of Lavender Programming Board, The New Magazine, Main Street Journal, V-Day, and a member of the Community Engagement Scholars 
  34. Julianna Larock, She/Her, Student, Class 2021
  35. Rachel, She/They, Student, Class of 2025
  36. Taylor Easter, She/Her, Community Member
  37. Annie, She/They, Student, Class of 2022
  38. Anonymous Signer, She/Her, Student
  39. Maggie Buckridge, She/Her, Student, SOS Advocate, Eugene duPont Scholar
  40. Anonymous Signer, He/Him, Student
  41. Harleen Chahal, She/Her, Student
  42. Anne Glowacki, Student
  43. Arlett Ramierz, She/Her, Alumni, Class of 2021
  44. Lexi, She/Her, Student, Class of 2023
  45. Satvika Kadiyala, She/Her, Student, President of the Indian Student Association
  46. Ibrahim Salhab, Palestinian, Student
  47. Malak Hussein, Palestinian, Student, Class of 2023
  48. Kya Lomax, She/Her, Alumni, Class of 2021
  49. Anna Matteson, She/Her, Student
  50. Willa Lane, She/Her, Student, Class of 2023, 2021 NOAA Ernest F. Hollings Scholar 
  51. Brendan McGivney, He/Him, Community Member
  52. Sheila Mandato, Alumni Class of 2021
  53. Barry Jones, Community Member, J.D. Candidate 
  54. Johnathan Bracho, He/Him, Student 
  55. Maya Walker, Student, Class of 2022
  56. Emily Gray, She/Her, Student, Class of 2022, Distinguished Scholar
  57. Amisha Jain, Alumni, Class of 2021
  58. Sean Wirt, He/Him, Student, Class of 2022
  59. James Ian Randall, He/Him, Community Member
  60. Thomas Waggner, He/Him, Student, ΦΜΑ Historian, UD NAFME Treasurer 
  61. Chloe, She/Her, Student
  62. Safiyah Mansoori, Student, PhD Candidate
  63. Raviraj Barua, He/Him, Delaware Native, Alumni, Class of 2021
  64. Selma Cemerlic, She/Her, Student, Class of 2023, Resident Assistant, Biden Institute Equity Scholar Intern, Club Tennis Athlete, Peer Mentor, Research Assistant at the Joseph R. Biden School of Public Policy
  65. Fatheya Muflihi, Student, Class of 2024
  66. UD Parent
  67. Jacob Rumfield, Friend of School
  68. Sara Aboeleneen, She/Her, Student, PhD Candidate
  69. Marwane Adlani, He/Him, Class of 2021, Resident Assistant
  70. Lauren Mottel, She/Her, Student, Class of 2023
  71. Ibn Abdel, He/Him, Alumni, Class of 2019
  72. Faruk Mohammed, Alumni, Class of 2021 
  73. Akram Ahamed, He/Him, Student, Class of 2021
  74. Ryan Dole, He/Him, Alumni, School of Music Class of 2021
  75. Al Abu, Community Member
  76. Quinn Kirkpatrick, She/Her, Alumni, Class of 2021, graduated Summa Cum Laude, Gamma Sigma Sigma Community Service Sorority, Lambda Pi Eta Honors Fraternity, World Scholars Program 
  77. Ren Ross, They/Them, Student
  78. Michael Trainer, Student, Class of 2022
  79. Dounya Ramadan, She/Her, Community Member
  80. Rul, Community Member, Student
  81. Bee Smith, They/Them, Community Member
  82. Ryan Pic, They/Them, Community Member 
  83. Fiona Eramo, She/Ther, President of Planned Parenthood Generation Action
  84. Anonymous Human Rights Advocate, Student, PhD Candidate 
  85. Nino Diomede, He/Him, Student
  86. Fahd Hassan, Student, Class of 2023
  87. Janna Rus, She/Her, Student, Class of 2023, Honors
  88. Mounira Tahch, She/Her, Community Member 
  89. Adam Vurek, He/Him, Ally
  90. Brenna Christenbury, Alumni of Class of 2020 
  91. Anonymous Signer, She/Her, Student, Class 2022
  92. Nicole Du, She/Her, Alumni of Class 2018
  93. Jen Wilson, She/Her, Community Member
  94. Love Lacey, She/Ella, Staff and Alumni of Class of 2018
  95. Nabil Saleh, Community Member
  96. Anonymous Signer, Alumni, Class of 2019
  97. Jessica Larson, They/Them, Community Member 
  98. Tiernan Settles, She/Her, Alumni of Class 2021, Women’s Rowing
  99. Anna Cauchy, Alumni Class of 2021
  100. Anonymous Signer, Community Member
  101. Anonymous Signer, Alumni, 2021 Graduate
  102. Anonymous Signer, She/Her, Alumni, Class of 2019
  103. Anonymous Signer, She/Her, Alumni, Class of 2019
  104. Noor Al-Sabbagh, She/Her, Community Member, Student
  105. Colleen Hawk, She/Her, Community Member
  106. Mackenzie Myers, She/Her, Student, Real Wellness Chairwoman, Gamma Phi Beta
  107. Claudia Schreier, She/Her, Student, Class of 2023, Blue Hen Ambassador
  108. Sharon Eady, She/Her, Community Member
  109. Andrew Bond, Community Member [“Lives near Newark and is affected by the UD Community”], Class of 2024
  110. Rita Sweeney, She/Her, Alumni, Class of 2021
  111. Max Pokropski, He/Him, Student 
  112. Khazra Fatima, She/Her, Student, Class of 2023
  113. Kaitlyn Flowers, She/Her, Student, MFOL Social Media Director
  114. David Colton, Emeritus Faculty, Professor
  115. Anonymous Signer, Community Members
  116. Anonymous Signer, Student, CC, Greeklife, Intramural Sports
  117. Ryan Janzen,  He/Him, Student, Class of 2023
  118. Tyrus Van Dyke, He/Him, Student, Class of 2023, Vice President of the International Relations Club
  119. James McGuire, He/Him, Student, Class of 2023
  120. Anonymous Signer, Student, Honors Chemical Engineeering Class of 2023
  121. Colin Walsh, He/Him, Student, Class of 2023
  122. AD, She/Her, Student, Class of 2023
  123. Anonymous Signer, Community Member
  124. Amaad Rafi, Alumni, Class of 2021
  125. Morga Shinwari, She/Her, Student, MSA Member
  126. Yasmine Awayes, She/Her, Student, Medical Diagnostics Class of 2023
  127.  Anonymous Signer, He/Him, Student, Vice President of Students for Justice in Palestine 
  128. Anonymous Signer, Student
  129. Michael Shumate, He/Him, Student, Class of 2022
  130. Falah Al-Falahi, Student, Class of Year 2023
  131. Yusra Asif Qureshi, She/Hers, Student
  132. Zainab, Student, Class of 2024
  133. Shawon Akter, Community Member
  134. Anonymous Signer, She/Her, Community Member, Educator
  135. Ahmed Aldahwah, Community Member
  136. Tara Grier, She/Her, Community Member 
  137. Sameeh Bajwa, Student
  138. Dina Dawood, She/Her, Student, Class of Year 2023
  139. Thomas Bond Jr., Alumni of Class 2020
  140. Zan Shahid, He/Him, Student
  141. Julia Hatoum, She/Her, Student, SGA Public Relations Senator, UD Trustee Scholar, Accessabilities Scholar, Resident Assistant, Class of 2024
  142. Maura, Community Member
  143. Michael Hahn, Student, Class of 2023
  144. NM, Student
  145. M1997, Student, Class of 2022
  146. Sabrina Selim, Alumni of Class 2021
  147. Nayab Abid, She/Her, Student 
  148. Kamal Muhanna, Student, Outreach Chair of Muslim Student Association 
  149. Bri Keller, She/Her, Student, Class of 2023, President of American Choral Directors Association 
  150. Amber Rance, She/Her/They, Alumni, Class of 2020
  151. Emilia D’Antonio, Community Member 
  152. Mike Abel, She/Her, Community Member, Ally
  153. Janet Armitage, Community Member, Ally
  154. Elizabeth McGill Haas, She/Her, Alumni
  155. Sam, Community Member
  156. Fatemah Butt, She/Her, Community Member, Class of 2023
  157. Kristin Davis, She/Her, Community Member
  158. Hadeel Ahmed, She/Her, Student
  159. Rucha Wani, She/Her, Alumni, Class of 2021
  160. Anonymous Signer, She/Her, Community Member
  161. Aida Friedenreich, She/Her, Retired Librarian 
  162. Marissa Pane, Student, She/Her
  163. David Chandler, He/Him, Alumni, 2004 Ph.D.
  164. Marjorie Johnson, She/Her/, Ally, Delawareans for Palestinian Human Rights
  165. Nur Qutyan, Community Member, President of Students for Justice in Palestine, Temple 
  166. June Eisley, Community Member
  167. Anonymous Signer, Community Member 
  168. Anjali Das, Student, Class of 2023
  169. Aiah Abusalih, Student, Class of 2023
  170. Britney Vasquez, She/Her, Student, Class of 2023
  171. C. Warren Haas, He/Him, Community Member
  172. Aisha Mohammed, Community Member
  173. Katherine Riley, Graduate Alumni, Class of 2019
  174. Amina Shinwari, Student, Class of 2022
  175. Afia Asamoah, She/Her, Alumni, Class of 2021
  176. Areej Shahid, Student, Chemical Engineering PhD Candidate
  177. Warren R. Smith, Community Activist, Delawareans for Palestinian Human Rights
    1. UD, you are caving under the political and financial pressure exerted by the pro Zionist lobbies in America. Not only do you fail to recognize the inhumane conditions Palestinians have faced since 1948, you shield a true history of events from your students, America’s youth and public.  
  178. Mariam Z. Chaudhry, Student
  179. Jo Anne Deshon, She/Her, Alumni, PhD 
  180. Anonymous Signer, Student
  181. Tolu, She/Her, Community Member
  182. Ameen, Alumni, Class of 2020
  183. Kayla Hughes, Alumni, Class of 2020
  184. Angela Yu, She/Her, Student, Senior Advisor of the Asian & Pacific Islander Student Association
  185. Miriam Weidner, Retired 
  186. Ellen O. Wasfi, She/Her, Community Member
  187. Chu Paing, She/They, Community Member
  188. Joan Y. French, She/Her, Alumni, Ed.D 2019, BS 1976
  189. Ummh Islam, She/Her, Student, Class of 2023
  190. Onaedo Okoye, She/Her, Community Member, Public Relations Chair of BSU
  191. Faizal Chaudhury, Prior Adjunct Faculty Member
  192. Ahmet Selim Tekelioglu, He/Him, Community Member and Advocate
  193. Madinah Wilson-Anton, She/Her, Staff, BA Class of 2016, MA, Class of 2022