Third Annual Muslim Capitol Day in Harrisburg a Huge Success

Scores of American Muslims, together with their Jewish and Muslim allies, descended on Harrisburg on Tuesday, March 17, for the Third Annual Muslim Capitol Day (MCD III) in Harrisburg, PA. Muslim Capitol Day was co-sponsored by CAIR-Pennsylvania and Emgage Pennsylvania, and two Philadelphia mosques: Masjidullah and Philadelphia Masjid. Close to 100 Muslim Americans held 35 meetings with Pennsylvania legislators and government officials.?

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Muslim Capitol Day 2018

In the midst of a steep increase in anti-Muslim hate crimes and the bullying of Muslim students in Pennsylvania and across the country, Muslims from around the state will be coming to Harrisburg for the Third Annual Muslim Capitol Day on April 17, 2018.

This will be a crucial opportunity to make our voices heard in defense of civil liberties, religious pluralism, and democracy, and to roll back the Islamophobic virus infecting our country.

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20 Bullets: On the Death of Stephon Alonzo Clark

Clark, who converted to Islam several years ago, died in a hail of bullets on Sunday March 18th when two officers fired a total of 20 shots at him. As Dallas-based Imam Omar Suleiman, said last week, “Stephon Clark was massacred. His body was in such bad shape that we couldn’t do the ritual washing (ghusl). The brothers did a substitute ritual (tayammum) and are horrified by the sight. We cannot allow this to keep happening.” At Clark’s funeral, Imam Suleiman further observed that Clark, whom Sacramento police shot at 20 times, “had almost as many bullets put into him as the years he’s been on this earth.” This is a grave injustice.

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