CAIR Releases ‘Know Your Rights’ Guides in Dari, Pashto for Afghan Refugees

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization, released ‘Know Your Rights’ guides in Dari and Pashto for Afghan refugees arriving in the United States following attempts by xenophobic politicians to incite bigotry and discrimination against them.

Following the collapse of the former Afghan government last month, tens of thousands of Afghans fled the country, with thousands arriving in the United States. CAIR released the guides to help ensure that Afghans know their rights when dealing with law enforcement, when targeted by hate crimes, when travelling, and in school and the workplace. 

White supremacists have threatened violence against Afghan refugees, and some right-wing politicians and media outlets have maligned them as dangerous.

In a statement, CAIR Government Affairs Director Robert S. McCaw said:

Afghan refugees entering the United States face the challenge of rebuilding their lives in a new social, legal and cultural environment while also confronting the risk of bigots who may try to take advantage of their vulnerability. We must ensure that Afghan refugees know their rights so that they can stand up for their rights and safely establish new lives.”

McCaw added that the Dari and Pashto-language civil rights materials may be printed out for distribution.

Download Guides Below:

SEE: CAIR ‘Know Your Rights’ Guides in Dari:

SEE: CAIR ‘Know Your Rights’ Guides in Pashto:

CAIR also offers these guides in other languages as well as “Know Your Rights” workshops in which attorneys discuss protecting civil and religious rights.

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