With Trump around the corner, Philly City Council claps back

by Anna Orso

… “I ask that you all continue to stand in solidarity with the Muslim-American community in Philadelphia,” [CAIR-Philadelphia Executive Committee Member, Salima] Suswell, a Muslim American community leader in Philadelphia, said, “against social injustice, hate speech, hate crimes and vicious rhetoric that influences and ignites turmoil in this society.”

Suswell was standing among government officials and progressive activists on the fourth floor of City Hall this morning where Councilwoman Helen Gym was unveiling an “anti-Islamophobia” resolution that aims to uphold “Philadelphia’s support for and protection of Muslim communities.” It specifically notes that Council rejects “political tactics that use fear to manipulate voters or to gain power or influence.” Gym told reporters that Council will pass the resolution Thursday.

Philadelphia has a handful of organizations that work to bring together minority communities and fight for the civil rights of Muslim Americans. One of them is the Philadelphia chapter of CAIR, or the Council on American-Islamic Relations. The group’s executive director Jacob Bender, the first non-Muslim leader of the organization, said tough times for Muslim Americans may be ahead — but that doesn’t mean it’ll always be that way.

“This is a time that we can only survive throughout by coming together and overcoming our differences and forming coalitions of the just and the righteous,” Bender said, “and we will bring, eventually, peace once again to our country.” Read the full article on BillyPenn.com…