From Jerusalem to Newark, building understanding can lead to peace

by Muqtedar Khan

On Jan. 21, many Delawareans who care for peace and justice in the Middle East came together at Masjid (Mosque) Isa Ibn Maryam in Newark, to participate in an International Symposium on the Future of Jerusalem. The symposium was organized by the Delaware Council on Global and Muslim Affairs, with co-sponsorship by the Council on American Islamic Relations, Philadelphia. Imams, Rabbis, Pastors, Professors, international scholars and political leaders came together to ponder and debate the future of the Holy City of Jerusalem. The symposium was opened by a gracious welcome by Lt. Governor Bethany Hall-Long.

Jacob Bender of the Council on American and Islamic Relations, who is Jewish but works for a Muslim organization, was scathing in his criticism of the Israeli occupation of West Bank. He argued that the settlements project had left no land to make the two state solution a reality. He also was critical of Dr. Hoffman for arguing for a no preconditions approach to negotiations while simultaneously insisting that Jerusalem was not on the table.

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