CAIR-Philadelphia 7th Annual Banquet Honors Indigenous Leaders

Muslim Journal
by Nimat Marie
Muslim Journal

PHILADELPHIA, Penn. – The local chapter of the Council of American Islamic Relations or CAIR-Philadelphia held its 7th Annual Banquet, on March 16 at the beautiful Springfield County Club. A pre-banquet reception provided the guests with an atmosphere for networking, socializing, and visiting extraordinary exhibits.

A multicultural atmosphere of over 600 people filled the elegant ballroom. The apparent diversity was reminiscent of a gathering of the United Nations. A “salad bowl” with many flavors mixed but distinctly noticed, the seatings were strategically arranged to encouraged different cultures to mingle.

This years banquet theme was “Upholding Our Constitution, Embracing Our Faith,” which “reaffirms the individual’s rights as Americans under the Constitution to be treated fairly and equally in all aspects of pubic life, while embracing their faith and community,” stated Secretary Osama Al-Qasem, Chair-PA Board of Directors. Read more (subscription required)