GOP Rep Branded “Racist Islamophobe” Over Prayer in Front of PA House’s First Muslim Woman

by Chantal Da Silva


“On this significant day, when Pennsylvanians of all backgrounds could celebrate the swearing-in of the Commonwealth’s first female Muslim House member—thus expanding the tradition of religious freedom so important to the history of this Commonwealth—Republican Representative Stephanie Borowicz chose instead to deliver a thinly veiled attack on the Islamic faith of Representative Johnson-Harrell that failed to meet even the most minimum standards of mutual respect and religious tolerance,” CAIR Philadelphia Executive Director Jacob Bender said.

“The intolerant ideology of Borowicz’s bigoted bombast, rife with right-wing Christian triumphalism and obvious Islamophobic and anti-Semitic tropes, was long ago rejected by all mainstream Christian denominations in this country,” Bender said.

“Stephanie Borowicz deserves to be censured by the entire Pennsylvania House of Representatives so that it is abundantly clear that hate speech against any religion has no place in our republic’s political process,” he added.