Know Your Rights Seminar

Learn about your rights as an employee, student, traveler, immigrant (non-citizen), encounters with law enforcement and much more!

Presenter: Timothy Welbeck, Esq.

How should I request prayer time from my supervisor? What does it mean if the FBI contacts me? I know someone who was discriminated against, who should they turn to? I am worried about my brother and his immigration status, who can I talk to? I was humiliated in front of others at the airport, what can I do now? I am tired of being harassed at work for being a Muslim, but I don’t want to be retaliated against for speaking out.

Today, many Muslim-Americans have those questions and concerns. CAIR-Pennsylvania’s Know Your Rights seminar, regularly cited by community leaders as a popular and beneficial program, discusses the proper methods in dealing with various situations at the workplace, school, airports, public accommodation, encounters with law enforcement and much more.

Most Muslims in America have been fortunate to not have encountered discrimination. Nevertheless, everyone should be informed and have the knowledge of what to do in all situations. Our country is one of laws, and with those laws come our rights, but without properly exercising those rights, we risk losing the full empowerment and citizenship of our community.

We cordially invite you to contact CAIR-Pennsylvania and schedule a Know Your Rights seminar for your Masjid or community. For those that have experienced problems or have questions, this seminar offers a great opportunity to have questions answered one on one. These seminars make great additions to community potlucks or other events. We will tailor each presentation to custom-fit the needs of your constituency.

If you don’t know your rights, you don’t have them!

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