CAIR-Philadelphia Guidance on 2023 Fall Non-Profit Security Grant

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Application deadline Tuesday, October 10, 2023, at 11:45 PM

CAIR-Philadelphia Guidance on 2023 Fall Non-Profit Security Grant

On November 7, 2019, House Bill 859 (or Act 83 of 2019) was signed into law, establishing a new program called the Nonprofit Security Grant Fund Program at the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD).

Please review the below guidance from CAIR-Philadelphia. Please note our office will be able to assist your application should you choose to apply. Please email our Executive Director Ahmet Tekelioglu at or text at 617-401-5397 to discuss questions or to schedule a session to start your application process.

Act 83 directs PCCD to administer grants to nonprofit organizations who principally serve individuals, groups or institutions that are included within a bias motivation category for single bias hate crime incidents as identified by the FBI’s Hate Crime Statistics publication. Applicants are eligible for security enhancements designed to protect the safety and security of the users of a facility located in the Commonwealth that is owned or operated by the nonprofit organization.

CAIR-Philadelphia provides this guidance on the grant program in light of increased anti-Muslim activity globally and locally in Pennsylvania. We will be happy to assist our institutions to apply for the grant. Please see below.

Are there any concerns with this grant?

No. The grant does not include any strings attached in terms of cooperation with law enforcement agencies or other concerns that would be a red-flag for CAIR-Philadelphia. Any non-profit who serves religious communities (or other minorities including based on race and ethnicity) can apply to this program.

Who runs this program?

This program is run by the State of Pennsylvania. It is a state-funded grant program administered by the PA Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD). Total funds available in the program are $5 million in 2022.

This page includes all relevant information on the project. Notes in this guidance are drawn from this page:

Applicants will first submit an initial inquiry form. Based on this form, you will be awarded the grant but will need to submit a full and more detailed application before any funds can become available.

Deadline for the initial application is Tuesday, October 10, 2023, at 11:45 PM.

Initial Request form is available here

[You can see the full list of questions on this page but need to complete the survey link above.]

How can CAIR-Philadelphia help?

You will decide your project cost (see below) and need to collect all relevant 501c3 documentation (see below) that are required for the initial application form. CAIR-Philadelphia will help you with the narrative portion of the grant. We will provide a list of anti-Muslim/anti-mosque attacks and other customized language for your mosque/area that will help make your application stronger.

Please note that conducting a security assessment may help your application. This is a new feature of the application, and we can help you connect with relevant agencies. See this note from the FAQ section:

​… if you are interested in learning more about physical security assessments, please see PCCD’s school safety criteria, which was developed for school safety assessments and contain information that may be helpful for you.  In addition, PCCD also houses a registry of individuals who provide physical assessments for schools who may also provide assessments for other organizations as well.  The registry can be found on our website here.

We will also help you to curate the support of your local elected officials for your grant application. If you are awarded, our team also assists with the post-award bureaucratic process.

We can jump on a Zoom call to walk through the application with you. Please email our Executive Director Ahmet Tekelioglu at or text at 617-401-5397 to discuss questions or to schedule a session to start your application process.

Do I need to be a mosque to apply?

No. You can be an Islamic school, a K-12 school, or a relief organization. The applicant entity must have proper 501c3 paperwork and documentation to apply.

What is covered by the grant?

A range of services / equipment to help enhance your security. This includes security personnel (but for the duration of the 1-year period.) Here is a list provided in the page above:

Eligible expenses for security enhancements include the following:

  • Safety and security planning
  • Purchase of safety and security equipment
  • Purchase of security-related technology, which may include, but is not limited to:
    • Metal detectors
    • Protective lighting
    • Surveillance equipment
    • Special emergency communications equipment
    • Electronic locksets
    • Deadbolts
    • Trauma kits
    • Theft control devices
    • Safety and security training
    • Threat awareness and response training
    • Upgrades to existing structures that enhance safety and security
    • Vulnerability and threat assessments
    • Specialty-trained canines
  • Any other safety or security-related project that enhances safety or security of the non-profit organization*

*If your organization has a security need not specifically listed, this category encompasses a wide range of items and/or activities. The organization should define how their request meets the needs of the organization.

What is the maximum amount of funds we can request?

Project costs are for a 1-year period. You can request up to $150,000. But, for total Project costs that are greater than $33,2250, you need to provide financial contribution and show proof that your organization has those funds in your account or through another source. For a project of $33,250, the state will cover $25,000 but will not ask proof for the amount of $8,250. A total project cost of $225,000 can receive $150,00 from the state but should show proof of $75,000.

The FAQ page states: If your total project cost is greater than $33,250 but less than or equal to $99,750: Divide the total project cost by 1.33. Example: $99,750 total project cost / 1.33 = $75,000 state funds requested. The remaining $24,750 is the required match amount. If your total project cost is greater than $99,750: Divide the total project cost by 1.5. Example: $150,000 total project cost / 1.5 = $100,000.

Also, view this chart to calculate your total project cost:

Will they reimburse costs or will they provide funds to us?

The grant essentially runs on a reimbursement model: you make the purchase, and the state pays you after you show the receipts. However, they realize you may not have enough cash in hand and will “work with grantees in those situations to provide funding in advance.”

Can we hire security personnel?

Yes. The FAQ page notes however that funding is for a one-year period only so they should not be counted on for long-term sustainability of positions.

Other Questions?

Please refer to the FAQ page or schedule a time with us so we can help answer your questions about the application process: Please email our Executive Director Ahmet Tekelioglu at or text at 617-401-5397 to discuss questions or to schedule a session to start your application process.