Muslim Workers to be Re-Hired, Granted Prayer Break

(PHILADELPHIA, PA 1/24/08) – The Philadelphia chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-PA) today announced that 16 Muslim employees at a Pennsylvania supply chain management company will be re-hired and granted accommodation for a break during which to pray.

On January 9, the sixteen Somali employees walked off the job after a misunderstanding over a new policy that limited personal breaks for all employees to five minutes.

CAIR-PA’s civil rights director and another community activist met with a representative of Arnold Logistics to resolve the situation, explaining that a five-minute break is inadequate time to perform Islamic prayers.

The Camp Hill-based company has agreed to let Muslim employees take a 15-minute break to pray as long as they clock out during that time. The 16 employees will also be re-hired.

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