CAIR Reports on Election Efforts

(PHILADELPHIA, P.A., 11/14/2006) – The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) today offered a report to the Muslim community on its efforts to promote political participation in the recent mid-term elections.

CAIR chapters in 11 states participated in non-partisan election efforts. States with “get out the vote” and other activities included: Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

Other highlights of CAIR’s non-partisan election activities include:

  • National: The creation of a database of some 400,000 American Muslim voters developed by matching state records of registered voters with an extensive list of Muslim first and last names.
  • Arizona: 11,000 automated get out the vote calls were made.
  • Florida: 10,000 voter guides were distributed at state mosques.
  • Illinois: More than 1000 Muslims were registered to vote in the Third Congressional District. Two hundred Muslim volunteers also got out the vote on election day in the Chicago area by knocking on doors and making phone calls.
  • Ohio: 1,200 get out the vote calls were made in the Columbus area.
  • Texas: More than 3,500 Muslims in the Dallas area were contacted and urged to vote. More than 800 Muslims were contacted in the San Antonio area.
  • California: 500 posters were distributed to mosques and businesses around the state urging Muslims to register to vote. CAIR-CA also distributed a congressional scorecard and held a voter education forum with candidates and representatives for and against propositions on the ballot.

Results of informal exit polls in Ohio and New Jersey indicate that more than 75 percent of Muslim voters in those states cast their ballots for Democrats in the mid-term election.

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According to a poll of registered American Muslim voters released by CAIR in October, 42 percent said they consider themselves members of the Democratic Party, 17 percent said they are Republican and 21 percent said they do not align themselves with any political party.

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“The American Muslim community is growing in its ability to mobilize voters,” said CAIR Legislative Director Corey Saylor. “We are excited by the opportunity to spend the next two years promoting American Muslim civic involvement and expanding our network of energetic volunteers built in the last two elections.”

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