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CAIRing and EMGAGEing Episode 2: Guest: Col. Khallid Shabazz

Join this episode of CAIRing and EMGAGEing to hear the highest-ranking Muslim Chaplain ever in the US Military talk about his life’s story. Learn how Colonel Khallid Shabazz was called back to Islam, navigated some difficult turns in his life, and sustained his successes. Col. Shabazz is not just the #BIGIMAM, he has a big personality and heart and takes his purpose seriously.

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CAIRing and EMGAGEing Episode 1: Mohammed Zubairu & Asif Ilyas

Join Mohammed Zubairu, President of CAIR-Philadelphia, and Dr. Asif Ilyas, Chair of EMGAGE-PA, for the inaugural episode of CAIRing & EMGAGEing. The two men share some of their own perspectives as Muslim Americans and introduce the concept of the program they also set the stage for the types of conversations they hope to have as they meet with guests going forward.

CAIRing and EMGAGEing is a podcast that sets out to demystify the Muslim American experience.  The American Muslim experience is anything but monolithic, American Muslims comprise the color spectrum that is America herself.  Our goal is to engage a varied group of Americans, both Muslim and not, and share the perspectives of Muslims looking out of the community, within the community as well as that of non Muslim Americans looking into the Muslim community.


CAIR-Philadelphia is the local chapter of the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights organization. We are an organization that seeks to highlight injustices faced by Muslims and help remedy them by organizing the community but also through education and litigation.

EMAGE is a non-profit organization that implements an ecosystem of programs to develop the capacity of the Muslim voter to ensure that our narrative is part of the American fabric. Their programs include civic educational events such as issue forums and town halls, voter initiatives including Get Out The Vote, and specific programs for the youth in order to mentor and support the next generation of leaders.