Hajj & International Travel Guides

CAIR has compiled three essential travel guides for those participating in the Hajj pilgrimage or traveling abroad. These guides contain information that every traveler should know before leaving for his or her trip. We suggest consulting whichever guides apply to your situation.

Hajj Travel Guide

By Bluemangoa2z at ml.wikipedia, via Wikimedia CommonsGoing to Hajj this year? CAIR has composed a travel guide with the essential information that every traveler needs to know before leaving. This guide contains detailed tips for packing, suggestions for handling security checkpoints, and guidance regarding what items can and can’t be brought back from your pilgrimage.
Download Hajj Travel Guide (PDF)

International Travel

CAIR’s International Travel Guide contains general travel information that every citizen should be aware of when travelling. The guide focuses especially on security checkpoints and situations where a traveler might be detained and questioned, and offers tips as well as a list of rights that you have as a citizen.
Download International Travel Guide (PDF)

Travel Advisory

What if you are put on the no-fly list while overseas (“forced exile”)? CAIR’s travel advisory contains detailed information regarding the rights that you have (and don’t have) as a traveler and offers steps that you should take if you find yourself being unable to return to the United States due to the FBI or other agency placing you on the no-fly list while you are away and without reason. All travelers headed to and from Cuba, Iran, Sudan, Syria, Afghanistan, Algeria, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia and Yemen should be aware of this possibility.
Download Travel Advisory

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