Write to Philadelphia Daily News About Commentary on “Nuking Mecca”

In today’s Philadelphia Daily News, commentator Michael Smerconish – radio host at 1210 WPHT the Big Talker – wrote the following disturbing commentary.

In it, he describes passages from fiction author Nelson Demille’s new book, “Wild Fire.”

The author states: “In ‘Wild Fire,’ I pose that we have something very similar to MAD. Meaning, that if a nuclear bomb went off in America, the presumption of guilt against Islamic terrorists would be very strong; we wouldn’t need the proof, we’d never have the proof. We would automatically launch against the nation of Islam, specifically against the cities of Mecca and Medina, and other places like Damascus where we don’t care for the government, and this would be a deterrent against a nuclear bomb going off in America.”

Read full article: http://www.philly.com/mld/philly/news/columnists/16128400.htm

ACTION: PLEASE write to the Philadelphia Daily News and display your disgust that someone would suggest such a repugnant thing. It is important that the conscientious public show dismay at commentary like this. As always, be courteous and show good judgment in your writing. No one is against free and responsible speech.

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