Write Letters in Support of Mr. Erich Scherfen

(Philadelphia, PA 9/2/08) – The Philadelphia Chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR-PA) is calling on Pennsylvania Muslims and other people of conscience to write letters in support of Erich Scherfen, an airline pilot who was recently threatened with termination because his name mysteriously appeared on a government “watch list”.

Mr. Scherfen, an American convert to Islam, former Army helicopter pilot and Gulf War veteran was first suspended without pay from his position in June because the Transportation Security Administration informed his employer he was on a watch list. Mr. Scherfen was due to be fired on October 1 should his name remain on the list.

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Thanks to a lawsuit filed by the ACLU Mr. Scherfen was recently reinstated to his position, but still has not been told whether his name remains on some shadowy watch list. He is continuing the lawsuit to determine whether he remains on a watch list. Only then will he is able to assess potential future impacts on his career or life.

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Mr. Scherfen’s plight demonstrates the fundamental danger posed to all Americans by unfounded government accusations against citizens and residents with no reliable method of redress.

ACTION REQUESTED: (As always, be firm, but POLITE.)

1. Contact your congresspersons to request an inquiry into the process used to place Americans on government watch lists and a review of the inadequate redress procedures. Find your congressperson at https://forms.house.gov/wyr/welcome.shtml

2. Download and complete the attached sample letter with your information and your Congressperson’s mailing address. Mail the letter to your Congressperson. (Download Sample Letter)

3. SEND COPIES of all correspondence to CAIR-PA at: info@philadlephia.cair.com/p>

4. Send a copy to Rep. Henry A. Waxman, Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. Email: henry.waxman@mail.house.gov or fax: (202) 225-4099

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