Thank Verizon TV For Offering Bridges TV in Philadelphia Area

CAIR PA is delighted to inform you that Verizon TV is now available in
Greater Philadelphia. Verizon Television includes Bridges TV, the
American Muslim Network, on channel 496.

Bridges is a 24 hour network in English that is bridging the West and
the Muslim World. More on Bridges TV is at

Bridges TV is offered among the Top 200 channels by Verizon for only
$42.95/month. Please compare this to what you are currently paying for
television. Verizon uses fiber optics to deliver the highest quality for television,
telephone and high speed Internet.

CAIR PA appreciates Verizon for giving American Muslims a voice in
mainstream media.

ACTION: Please call Verizon TV at 800-660-2215 and show your appreciation for giving American Muslims a voice in mainstream media by offering Bridges TV.
Also consider Verizon FiOS for your television provider.

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