Thank Sen. Specter for Canceling Speaking Engagement at Anti-Islam Event

(Philadelphia, PA 5/19/09) – The Philadelphia Chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR-PA) today calls on Pennsylvania residents to thank Senator Specter for canceling a scheduled appearance at an “anti-Islam” conference in Washington, D.C. CAIR reports that Senator Specter, who was to give the opening address at the conference, cited a “scheduling conflict” for his decision to withdraw from the event.

The false premise of the conference, called “Libel Lawfare: Silencing Criticism of Radical Islam,” is that American Muslims are involved in a concerted effort to suppress free speech by misusing the American legal system.

CAIR-PA extends its thanks to all people of conscience who signed our online petition to express concern about Senator Specter’s participation in this conference. It was your timely response to our action alert that helped bring about this positive resolution, proving that when citizens come together and speak with one voice, they can achieve great things.

CAIR-PA believes we must support and thank our elected officials for taking actions which we request of them.

ACTION REQUESTED: We ask all concerned citizens and people of conscience who reside in Pennsylvania to thank Sen. Specter for canceling his scheduled appearance at this “anti-Islam” conference by:

1) Visiting our website to sign our online “Thank You” note; and

2) Calling his Washington D.C. office.

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