SCAM ALERT: Beware of spoof calls from “NYPD” requesting information

Our office has been informed of a scam targeting Muslims with calls from people falsely claiming to be New York Police Department officials attempting to obtain sensitive information from community members. The fake “officials” have asked personal questions regarding birthplace and citizenship status and also made threats that the community member’s immigration status may be in danger.

The NYPD has confirmed to CAIR-Philadelphia that their phone number has been “spoofed” to contact individuals unlawfully.


If you receive a phone call with the ID “NYPD” or from anyone claiming to be a police/government official and asking questions about your immigration status, please:

  • Do not give any information to the caller or send any money. If they leave a message, do not return their call.
  • Ask the person for their contact information, and tell him or her your lawyer will be in contact.
  • Tell CAIR-Philadelphia about the incident by calling 267-515-6710.
  • Share this message with your contacts.
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