Respond to Anti-CAIR smearing in the Philadelphia Inquirer

There has been an organized effort to defame the PA Muslim community during the current election cycle, and CAIR-PA has become the number one target due to its success and unapologetic activism.

Today, the Director of Jewish Americans for Sarah Palin wrote a malicious editorial in the Philadelphia Inquirer falsely slandering CAIR and accusing it of being a terrorist group. All of his sources are baseless, right-wing internet sites.


CAIR-PA responded to those false allegations:



We are calling on the PA Muslim community to write letters to the editor defending your civil rights, your organization, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).


TAKE ACTION: Write to the Inquirer describing CAIR’s excellent work and that you will not stand for the marginalization of the PA Muslim community.

If you are time pressed, leave a comment in the comments section in the online versions.

MAIL: Readers Editor, The Inquirer
P.O. Box 41705
Philadelphia, PA 19101
FAX: 215-854-4483

Submissions to the op-ed page may be e-mailed to

You may use this sample support letter or put it in your own words:

Dear Editor,

Jewish Americans for Sarah Palin attacked CAIR with nothing but internet disinformation that is easily refuted. I am a firm supporter of CAIR-PA because it represents me in a positive, professional manner and I reject the notion that any successful Muslim American organization is anti-Israel.

With a thousand attendees, the CAIR-Philadelphia banquet is a cornerstone event for the Pennsylvania Muslim community, where individuals and families pledge donations and support for the largest Muslim civil liberties and advocacy organization in America.

Pennsylvania Muslims also attend the CAIR-Philadelphia banquet to hear from elected officials and participate in democracy. It is clear that these attacks against CAIR are designed to sideline PA Muslims from participating in democracy. CAIR is a primary platform by which American Muslims learn about and hear from elected officials.

In its 16 year history of public advocacy, CAIR has not been charged with anything but professional American activism, and it has earned praise from countless elected officials and the interfaith community. CAIR has consistently condemned all forms of terrorism without pause.

The Pennsylvania Muslim community will not sit idly and watch how it is continually shunned publicly during election season or used as a political wedge for campaign mudslinging. Further, Pennsylvania Muslims are proud of CAIR and the positive representation it brings to the community.

[Your Name]

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