CAIR Community Alert: Khatibs Urged to Address Election During Friday Sermons and Jummah Prayers

Based on many requests from community leaders for guidance on how to address this contentious election, encourage civic participation, and build resilient communities – CAIR is calling on khatibs (Islamic prayer leaders) and imams (Islamic religious leaders) to refer to the talking points CAIR has developed to address the pre-and-post election concerns of Muslims during their Friday khutbas (sermons) for the jummah (congregational prayers).

To assist those preparing to offer sermons for the Friday prayers, CAIR is offering an initial outline prepared by Imam Abdullah Jaber, executive director of CAIR Georgia.

Download Pre-Election Jummah Talking Points (PDF)

Jummah Talking Points Include Instructions and Examples on:

Acknowledging and Validating Pre-and-Post Election Concerns
Remaining Optimistic and Relying on Allah
Overcoming Uncertainty and Reflecting on the Quran
Doing Our Part Before and After the Election
The Importance of Voting, Fighting Misinformation, Promoting Peace and Positivity

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