Attend “Great Expectations” Forums Hosted by Philadelphia Inquirer

The city and its region need to talk candidly about how to preserve and extend Philadelphia’s strengths. How to admit and end its bad habits, too. This effort will bring together ordinary folks, civic leaders and experts for dialogues to explore the region’s issues.

These citizen dialogues will be held in schools, churches, libraries and community centers around the city and inner-ring suburbs. Stop waiting on a grimy political culture to do the necessary things. Start doing them yourself. We need your help, whether you’re young, old or in between, whether you call city or suburb home. No matter what job you do, what political party you favor, or what faith you hold, no matter what nation your ancestors came from, we need your voice.

The goal is a great conversation about Great Expectations. That’s how a great city and region should behave. Let’s get it started.

Dates: January 8, 2007 – February 7, 2007

ACTION: visit to learn more.

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