Ask Philadelphia Inquirer Not to Promote Anti-Muslim Hate

(PHILADELPHIA, 9/16/2008) – CAIR is calling on anyone who received the “Obsession” DVD in their newspaper to contact the papers publishers to ask why they believe it is appropriate to profit from anti-Muslim hate.

ACTION REQUESTED: (As always, be firm but POLITE. Hostile comments can and will be used to further defame Islam and Muslims.)

1. LOOK IN THE NEWSPAPER OR ON ITS WEBSITE for appropriate contact information.

2. CONTACT the newsroom, the editorial page and circulation.

Bill Marimow is the Editor of the Philadelphia Inquirer. email:

Letter to the Editor: or fax to 215-854-4483.

OPED: or fax to 215-854-4483.

Call the Philadelphia Inquirer at 215-854-4543

3. ASK WHY the newspaper believed it was appropriate to profit from anti-Muslim hate.

4. ASK WHO PAID for the distribution and how much it cost.

5. ASK WHETHER the newspaper would have distributed anti-Semitic or other racist DVDs.

6. ASK IF the distribution of the DVD in key election swing states was designed to aid a particular candidate.

7. Let CAIR know what responses are given by the newspapers representatives. E-Mail:

[NOTE: CAIR and other groups are formulating a broader pro-active response to the “Obsession” campaign, but these are some small actions that those who actually received the DVD can take today.]

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