Mission & Focus


We believe America’s greatness comes from the endless opportunities for all of her citizens and that this greatness is maintained through active civic participation.  We believe that advocacy through the American Muslim experience is advocacy for a better America.  We believe that American Muslim life can and must be better, more equitable and more engaging.  We believe we cannot wait for others to address the most challenging issues American Muslims face.  We believe we have the tools to change our reality.  We believe the time is now.


Our vision is to be a leading advocate for justice and mutual understanding.  Our mission is to enhance understanding of Islam, protect civil rights, promote justice, and empower American Muslims.


These are our core areas of focus and how we fulfill our mission:

Civil Rights Advocacy – American Muslims must be treated fairly and equally in employment, education, travel, with law enforcement, government and in all facets of public life.  Without fairness and justice, there is no true citizenship.  CAIR-Pennsylvania responds to individual cases of discrimination and challenges policies of disparate impact and profiling.

Media Engagement – We must speak and be a part of the public discourse.  Only by being at the table can we challenge stereotypes, dispel myths and promote positive self-representation.  CAIR-Pennsylvania assists journalists covering Islam and Muslims, monitors local media, responds to numerous interview requests and drives stories and opinions that reflect a confident, assertive American Muslim perspective.

Education and Dialogue – CAIR-Pennsylvania helps enhance understanding of Islam through relentless outreach, presentations, courses and conversations with everyday Americans.  Mutual understanding between Americans of all faiths is essential for healthier public sentiments towards Islam and Muslims.  CAIR-Pennsylvania gives presentations at houses of worship, universities, libraries and other public venues on a consistent basis.

Coalition Building – Without allies and partners, none of our work could be accomplished.  CAIR-Pennsylvania is part of an extensive network of interfaith, secular, government, legal and civil rights organizations and often serves as a nexus between the Muslim community and these entities.  CAIR-Pennsylvania cosponsors conferences, dialogue forums, and government meetings and participates in campaigns undertaken by our partners.

Youth – A better American Muslim experience requires the promise of a better future.  The youth are our future, and they must be equipped with confidence and empowered with knowledge.  CAIR-Pennsylvania conducts a year-round Muslim Youth Leadership Program for Muslim high school students to proactively address these needs.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations Philadelphia Chapter (CAIR-Pennsylvania) is an independent, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization registered in Pennsylvania. It is part of a large association of interlinked CAIR chapters across the nation, together forming America’s largest Muslim civil liberties and advocacy group.