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CAIR-Philadelphia is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Though our projects and services are numerous, diverse, and of great relevance to the well being of Philadelphia, we do not have a steady source of income to fund our efforts. We do not sell our services, all our work is done pro bono. Consequently, we must depend on the generosity of the friends of CAIR-Philadelphia to keep the organization up and running.

Why Support CAIR-Philadelphia?

  • CAIR serves American-Muslim community needs at the local level — a resource to Islamic and interfaith centers
  • CAIR presents an American-Muslim voice to media, policy makers, and civic groups
  • CAIR defends against negative images, stereotypes and bigotry
  • CAIR builds bridges with civil rights organizations, and ethnic-based communities on the common goal of promoting justice and mutual understanding
  • Read full document – Reasons to Support CAIR-Pennsylvania

How can CAIR Philadelphia evolve towards its goals?

By switching from a volunteer organization to a full-time organization with a paid staff and funding for programs that relies on a team of volunteers to achieve its objectives

How can I support CAIR Philadelphia?

It’s easy to support CAIR Philadelphia! There are many ways to get involved through volunteering and making financial contributions. Visit our Internship Program, Volunteer Center or Donate page to learn more about specific ways to get involved. Considering the grassroots nature of CAIR, your support is invaluable to our growth and development!

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Modified: December 12, 2013