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CAIR Pittsburgh’s 8th Annual Banquet Photos!!!

The photos from our 8th Annual Banquet are hot off the press, and they really turned out great. Brother Rami Daud really worked hard to run around and catch the many memorable moments, and those of you who participated in the portrait aspects of the photography were clearly having a fun evening, while looking dapper in the process ;)

See the Photo collection here!

A Big Thanks to the Community!

Assallamu Alaikom Honorable Community Members,

On behalf of the CAIR Pittsburgh Board of Directors and Staff, we would like to extend the warmest of thanks to all of you for your support in making our 8th Annual Banquet – Crossing Paths: Living in Harmony one of the best banquets we have had to date!

It was actually the first CAIR banquet that our Program Director, Alia Schindler, had ever attended, let alone planned for, so being one of the primary planners was certainly a challenging feat. However, the support, guidance, and countless task-based efforts of the Banquet Committee Chairperson-Ishfaq Ahmad, with the other Board Members-Noor Un Nahar, Safdar Khwaja, Asim Kokan, Azmat Qayyum, MD, and Ezz-Eldin Moukamal, MD really helped to make the entire joint effort  a pleasant project with an exceedingly positive outcome. Thanks to all of our guests and speakers who have given us nothing but positive feedback thus far; your supportive response was really overwhelming and humbling, mashaAllah.

A recap of the evening:

Zeshan Hasan began the evening with a heartfelt Holy Quran recitation of Surah Hujoorat, Ayas 10-13. ( )

Our Keynote Speaker, Sister Dalia Mogahed presented an informative and eye-opening fact-based speech on some of the primary issues Muslims are facing the United States.  She stressed that it is necessary to explain facts regarding Islam (most strongly correlated with polled perceptions), and demonstrated how the hate and fear industry is damaging American democracy and freedoms.

Three  prominent young ladies from our local Pitt MSA presented a daring spoken word piece, voicing their perspectives of the current socio-political environment, that left tears in the eyes of many attendees.

The Chapter President, Brother Safdar Khwaja highlighted the challenges that we are facing as an Ummah in America, presented some of CAIR Pittsburgh’s work within the is past year, and pointed out the necessity for our set objectives to increase effectiveness in the near future by controlling our media narrative, broadcasting positive Muslim contributions, engaging in political dialogue and participating in mainstream American activities. He also noted that the addition of a Media Consultant and establishing a Legal Defense fund are two new budget objectives for 2015.

Our motivational speaker, Abu Noaman (a prominent local entrepreneur) presented a touching narrative, and additionally presented Islam as a brand, and he provided his unique business analysis, challenging CAIR to expand our mission to celebrate Islam more, to play more to our strengths, which he defined as the values of Islam, expressing that we should put a spotlight and magnify the tens of thousands of Muslims in the US who personify those values, and lastly, we should magnify them not only in words, but that we should infect the media with the stories and success of those people.

Our entertainer, Baba Ali, presented a spot-on performance that  was heartwarming, relate-able, and simply, comical :) He even cited his own personal benefit relating to a positive experience that he had where his local CAIR chapter had assisted him, and it was very well received.

Sister Alia was the moderator for the evening, and was assisted in the program by two very eloquent speaker introducers -Sisters Elaine Linn and Mariam Shalaby,  and alhumdullillah, all had good feedback and lots of support from the audience.

Our volunteers were clearly enjoying themselves, too, while being very professional and ensuring the whole process ran smoothly.

Additionally, a special thank you to the tireless efforts that Brother Rami Daud extended in his photography services. InshAllah we will be sharing pics from the evening soon, so be on the lookout!

Alhumdullillah, the outcome of the donations provided by our gracious guests (may Allah SWT reward them all for their generosity) was humbling, and although we are still short of our target, we greatly appreciate the donations made thus far.

Furthermore, the outpouring of expressed interest by attendees to volunteer with us and to get involved was simply amazing! We received expressed interest on the evening of the event, and have since been receiving an increased amount of emails from interested community members! Alhumdullillah! Please join your fellow community members by responding to this email to let us know of your interest :) We will be organizing some project-based initiatives very soon, and the more the merrier!

As mentioned above, we are still short of our fundraising target, and we are still accepting donations (Tax Exempt and Zakat Eligible) toward our goal. Please submit your donations toward our cause  online or mail them in to:

CAIR Pittsburgh Chapter

801 Negley Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15206

Thank you for sharing an evening filled with inspirations and new connections! Please be on the lookout for future updates and events!

Jazakum Allahu Khairan,

CAIR Pittsburgh Board & Staff

8th Annual Banquet flier email insert corrected phone number


Commemoration and Hope

Assallamu Alaikom and May Peace and Blessings Be Upon You!

On this day, we thankfully commemorate one of the greatest figures in our great nation’s history.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was an inspirational leader, and we are all truly blessed for the great strides that he made in the realm of civil rights. He saw injustice and chose to stand up and speak out. He faced the strong currents opposing him in order to motivate others and to ensure that the vital rights of human equality were acknowledged and implemented.

However, this struggle did not end with him. We can still see an unfortunate rise in the mistreatment of others driven by ignorance, fear, and misrepresentation; we are all searching for an effective means to confront injustice and preserve the right for Muslim Americans to live harmoniously within our great nation. We gain strength and a means of guidance in how to do so when we remember and honor the peaceful and bold efforts made by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

In Islam, the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) taught us “Whosoever of you sees an evil, let him change it with his hand; and if he is not able to do so, then [let him change it] with his tongue; and if he is not able to do so, then with his heart — and that is the weakest of faith.” [Muslim].

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. knew what was right in his heart, and he used that passion to speak about it with his eloquent words, and to act upon it by mobilizing others through groundbreaking forms of civic engagement.

CAIR Pittsburgh sends out its thanks to all hardworking civil rights leaders, and expresses hope and determination to champion the cause of civil liberties in this great city of ours.

Alia Schindler
(Program Director)

CAIR-Pittsburgh 7th Annual Banquet

Towards Becoming Valued Members of Society

Saturday, March 29th, 2014
5:30 – 10:00 pm

At Doubletree by Hilton, Monroeville
(101 Mall Plaza Blvd., Monroeville PA 15146)

$50 Adult, $25 Student, $5 Child (Babysitting)
No tickets will be sold at the door

Download flyer for more information


Town Hall Meeting – Saturday, February 1, 2014

For all Muslims (12 years or older) living in the Pittsburgh Area, you cannot afford to miss this interactive event. Please join MCCGP & CAIR Pittsburgh for tea and an afternoon of information and lively discussion on

“PROVOCATIVE INFLUENCES – Making Enduring Choices”
Growth of easily accessible worldwide media brings all types of influences to us; some of them are not wholesome “education”. Our youth needs to develop the ability to discriminate and make wise choices to guide behavior. Come and listen to expert perspectives on this sensitive contemporary issue.


  • Imam Sohail Chaudhry – Imam Islamic Center of Morgantown
  • Dr. Buba Misawa – Professor of Political Science at the Washington & Jefferson College and University of Pittsburgh
  • Dr. Safdar Chaudhary – Founding member of S’eclairer, an Integrative Psychiatric Medical Practice

Date: Saturday, February 1st, 2014
Program: 3:00 – 3:30pm – Meet and Greet over tea
3:30pm – Asr Prayer
3:45 – 5:30pm – Discussion
Venue: MCCGP Social Hall

 This event is free and open to the community.

CAIR 6th Annual Banquet 2013

Get Out and Vote on November 6, 2012


 Dear Pittsburgh community,
Be part of more than the 80% registered Muslim voters in the US who will, insya Allah, vote on November 6, 2012. 
CAIR Pittsburgh would like to remind registered Muslim voters in the community to go to the polls on this Tuesday November 6, 2012 to vote. Please remember that voters in the state of PA might be asked to show photo ID, but there is NO REQUIREMENT to show it. Also, please remember to remind friends, colleagues, relatives to go to vote on that day.
Find out your registration status and your polling location in this website; Select your category and click the Go button to find out more information relevant to your case.
The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) released the detailed data from a recent survey indicating that 91 percent of registered Muslim voters will go to the polls on November 6 (please click here for the full article and the summary).
We believe it is essential that American Muslims participate in the nation’s democratic process. There are many ways to do this; one of the simplest and most critical is voting in national and local elections. Civic participation, especially voting, is a citizenship right. It is our duty to give our leaders sincere advice. We should support public officials who prove themselves trustworthy and a benefit to the nation.
Islam’s message is comprehensive, encompassing all aspects of life. Inaction, or worse cynicism, denies this. Good Islamic character compels us to care for others and show concern for their problems. Faith should compel us to act in ways that benefit all people. If you are not present as a voter to give your opinions, others will do so for you. As American Muslims it is vital that we actively participate in our nation’s democratic process.
We look forward to seeing the wonderful turnout of our community. We can make a difference one vote at a time.
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CAIR Pittsburgh – 1st Annual Tennis Tournament

CAIR President Dr. Azmat Qayyum initiated CAIR sponsored Tennis Tournament to promote healthy living among the muslim community. This program truly fits to one of the CAIR missions; to empower local muslim community. Insya Allah, this will become an annual sport program sponsored by CAIR Pittsburgh. This year, nineteen players showed up (after several players dropped out due to conflicting schedule) from many different areas and muslim congregation in Pittsburgh. Br. Abdul Rahman, from MCCGP, came out strong and dominated both the single and double tournament. In double, Dr. Azmat Qayyum joined the first place with him. Came out second in the double are the team of br. Mohsin Rasheed and Saleem Ahmad.

The  Round Rubin game was played on Saturday from 1 pm at the Club – Monroeville and alhamdulillah the competition went exciting and full of enthusiasm. CAIR congratulates all the participants and thank the community for the generous support. Past CAIR President; br. Asim Kokan, congratulated and awarded the winners at the end of the game. Alhamdulillah. The participants for this year are;   Br. Abdul Rahman, Dr. Mohammad Idrees,    Br. Mohsin Rasheed,  Br. Hashim Raza,  Br. Shazi Raza, Dr. Azmat Qayyum, Manal Piracha,  Br. Sami Iren, Dr. Amjad Jalil,  DR. Owais Rahim, Dr. Imran Bajwal, Rashed, Br. Khalid and Rashed Harun from ICP, and br. Sayeed.