Ramadan Message from the Executive Director

Assalam alaikom,
From our CAIR-Pittsburgh Family to you and yours,
We wish you a Blessed Ramadan.
May it be enriched with love, peace and forgiveness.
May Allah’s light shine upon you, always. Ameen
These times are unlike any other we have encountered before. It is a sheer test of patience, and during this time of togetherness, a lonely time… for many. However, as Muslims we respond with hope, knowing that the Lord of Lords, and the Most Merciful of those who show Mercy, is with the patient. We shall endure this hardship, forgoing not only hunger and thirst, but for many the happy physical gathering of the community, and the bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood. Bonds wrapped in hugs and plates with warm, soul healing food. Bonds solidified in the communion of prayer, duas, and the end of a long fast. The friends we would be so happy to see because Ramadan became the touch-point for a reunion, now seems marked with a longing heart yearning to connect. Yes, it is an array of emotions, this Ramadan.
I hope that you stay safe and remember that during these times- there is always good, a light to show the way. Take this time to go back to the basics. Remember the importance of being grateful for the time we are blessed to have with family and friends. Make every day a joyous occasion, not just once or twice a year. Learn to connect in different ways, send letters and cards to our brothers and sisters serving sentences, or to our brothers and sister struggling with health conditions in the hospitals. Reach out to loved ones through FaceTime calls and Social Media. Find out how you can help your local masjid with food donations and other needed items, and be the light for another. Create new family traditions and cook together- remember to give mom a break, too.
Parents, I completely understand the overwhelming feelings of juggling home-school, remote work, and self-care. It is a delicate balance and some days feel impossible. Remember our children are just as frustrated as we are. Enjoy family time and disconnect from technology. Share your favorite story of the Beloved Prophet(SAW) or your favorite ayah of the Quran. Create crafts together and share them with us. We want to empower our community during this time and beyond.
It’s also a time to reflect on those whose every Ramadan, feels like the one we are currently sharing. “The parable of the believers in their affection, mercy, and compassion for each other is that of a body. When any limb aches, the whole body reacts with sleeplessness and fever.” Prophet Muhammad (SAW) We will get through this together, InshaAllah.
May you have a beautiful Ramadan filled with many blessings along the way.
Ramadan Mubarak,
Christine Mohamed, Executive Director
CAIR Pittsburgh | cmohamed@cair.com
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