2021 Annual Banquet
Updates and Recommendations

Due to the current COVID -19 conditions, and the safety of the children in our community, we will not be offering babysitting for the banquet this year. We discourage children from attending unless they have been vaccinated

We strive to ensure the safety of those who plan to attend this event. Most infections and hospitalizations are occurring in unvaccinated and younger individuals. There are some breakthrough infections in vaccinated individuals but mostly those who are immune-compromised due to cancer chemotherapy or transplant recipients on immune suppressant treatments. If you fall into these high-risk categories, we recommend that you please consider the risks before attending. Your safety is our top priority and we will be monitoring the situation closely. We will email banquet updates to attendees as well as post them here on our website. 

We recommend all attendees, vaccinated or not, to wear masks and practice social distancing to ensure a safe environment.