Countering Islamophobia workshop – Oct 15, 2016

On Oct 15, 2016 our chapter had a successful workshop on Countering Islamophobia presented by Corey Saylor of CAIR DC office, who heads the department of Islamophobia Research and he recently came out with a report “Confronting Fear,” in partnership with University of California, Berkeley, which explores the funding that go into the Islamophobia machinery that exists in America. In his presentation he outlined what the Muslim community needs to do counter that machinery, by being more proactive and being in the forefront doing more humanity work, and be a part of the fabric of this country. His 1 ½ hr presentation culminated in intense Q and A session. The event was attended by community members of all faiths. CAIR staff and Board members would like to thank the ICP board in helping us organize the event. Thank you Br. Corey Saylor for the beautiful presentation.


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