We need your help, and you can help with just $1

Whether it’s Jewish Americans, African Americans, Chinese Americans, Hispanic Americans or anyone else, nearly all minority groups in this country recognized the need for legal services for their people and have built institutions to answer that need. It’s time for Muslim Americans to do the same.

In addition to what we already do, CAIR-Philadelphia is very close to developing a legal department, but this cannot be accomplished without your help. Imagine a full-time attorney and full legal services, free of charge, for all Delaware Valley Muslims in need of civil rights representation. Whether it’s for a law enforcement interview, employment harassment, or a case worthy of trial, the need for a legal department is greater than ever. You may not personally need this service today, but what if you or someone you know does in the future? Let’s have the ability to uphold religious freedom rather than depend on others to do it for us.

We know that this Ramadan, many organizations have requested your generosity and it is important to give to all causes. That’s why we’ve made it easy to support CAIR-Philadelphia. We are asking for four quarters per day; just one dollar. For less than the cost of coffee and tea, tolls and fares, parking, and the amount of coins that fall into your couch, you can help us reach our goal with one dollar per day.

Still thinking about it? Watch this video and we guarantee you’ll be moved.

If enough people sign up for the dollar-a-day program, CAIR-Philadelphia will have all the support and funding it needs to continue its programs and defend your rights with a legal department. Please take advantage of the blessings of Ramadan before it ends and make a zakat-eligible, tax-deductible contribution.  The time to act is now, please don’t delay.

Sign up online for the dollar-a-day program in less than a minute. If you prefer, you can also contribute with a one-time donation or mail in a check today.

For all of our supporters that donated in the past and those of you who respond today, may God multiply His blessings upon you. You have been instrumental in building this institution, thank you.

CAIR-Philadelphia is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, non-profit organization.
Your donations are tax-deductible and zakat eligible.